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Jan 7, 2005
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Surbiton, United Kingdom
It would be absolutely wonderful if we could have a representative from ML to participate on this forum Mainly to answer any questions or concerns of ML owners.
After all we are all proud dedicated owners. :)
Well if anyone looked way back they will see that Gayle Sanders did post something. :eek:

I have talked with Jim Power many times at ML and he has said that on occasion he does look at the board. They are aware of us but I think there is an issue where they do not endorse us and we are not an official "arm" of ML.

I think our "illustrious" web master gets some things from time to time from ML and he does share. :D

It agree, at least in concept and a great wish, that it would be great that from time to time we would get a correspondance form someone at the factory.

Jeff :cool:
As usual, Jeff is right on the money... People at ML are registered members on the site and some of them even post stuff... Devin Zell is their Advertising and Promotions Manager and he sends me press releases, etc. before they go out to anyone else which is pretty cool.

Gayle did post something here.. Do a search on Gayle and you'll find it.

ML Reps- How about a trade? I can make your advertisements twenty different ways, and you can set me up with a Cinema-i and Depth. :) Seriously.


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