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Jan 1, 2005
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Bend, OR
As some of you probably already know, there is a yet to be aprehended criminal fraudulently highjacking eBay members' accounts and trying to sell a pair of ML Odyssey speakers, starting at $10.00.

The first time I saw the auction (about 1 and 1/2 months ago) I bid on it, only to be informed by eBay within a few hours that the listing has been removed.
He is once again listing two pairs of Odysseys for sale, this time out of Idaho.

All the previous auctions have been 24 hours or less and start at $10.00
Here's an example:
Hopefully eBay will pull the listing shortly and this link will be dead soon.
It is always a different seller, but always the same picture.
While I'm sure there are legitimate ML sellers on EBay, i've seen a quite a few fradulent Martin Logan EBay auctions in the past year. Mainly with Odysseys, Prodigies and Descent Sub. Another web site that has a low trust level with me is AudioWeb which lists a lot of high-end gear with some very low prices (bait). Some of their ads appear to be suspect. My confidence level is much higher with Audiogon.
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Some things I have noticed that many fraudulent eBay auctions have in common:

1. Most are 1 day auctions (to get final bids and money before they are found out and have the auctions cancelled).

2. Most have no reserve, and a starting price that is WAY too low for a ligitimate auction (there are no actual goods, so no harm in 'selling' them cheap).

3. If you check the sellers other auctions, most will have LOTS of other high end items, all for WAY too little, and typically ALL for the same price...(frequently accounts are taken over via phishing and keyloggers, and even though the original account holder may have a good feedback record, you can't go by that).

4. Most want you to contact them off of eBay (frequently, but not always via AOL...again, ease of phishing accounts).

5. Many are premier auctions (highlighted...they have no intention of paying the auction fees, so they don't care that they cost more).

Yes, I believe that is one of the fraudulent ads. I saw the same picture in an ad on AudioGon I think.

Also, how can they be "brand new" if they are hooked up in the system???

As with that ad, most are easy to pick out.