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Mar 30, 2005
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okie....I love ML...and have been in love with my Aerius i's since the day i bought them....but i came up with a question yesterday...2 things....what specific parts are in them....I know i have a new panel in them they were replaced earlier this year....a 2nd generation one i it was defective...and the serial # is diff im guessing that the serial # only has to do with the panel then? or? i mentioned before...does ML make their own parts *subs, crossovers etc* or do they buy them from others or whatnot? i know they make the bodies of the speakers by hand as they have many pictures of that thruout the catalogue that I use like pr0n :D j/k..hehe...but what kinda cone speakers do they specifically use etc? im going to hunt thru the site again and see if i can find anything...but on the first scanover of the site..i was unable to find anything...anyone know anything about these items?
thx in advance :)
They used to use ScanSpeak for their cone speakers and may still do This may have changed for the newer designs. (?) The components, I would guess are standard "off the shelf" parts except where they have required specific tolerances and/or designs unique to theirthe electronics of all their speakers.
I would email Jim Power at ML and he may be able to tell you more.

Good Luck and happy listening :D