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Feb 6, 2015
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I've recently had a discussion with someone who feels that the only "real" music is LIVE unamplified symphony or opera.

He dismissed live music that required amplification.

He also considered all recordings dead.

This all started when a talking head on TV suggested that the Beatles were the Mozart of our current day, and he went on a tirade about how ignorant that was.

He stated that Mozart was still alive because you could go hear it played.
When shown links of Symphonies that played support behind Beatles cover bands, and links for Beatlemania concerts, he called that silly.

Moreover, he suggested that all amplification was distortion which I found very comical. Given that most musicians purchase expensive instruments specifically for the harmonic distortion that they have based on a center frequency.

Anyway in his close minded view all other music is basically garbage and music had to be experienced unamplified and live to be enjoyed.

<rant off>
Well, then, I suppose music played in amphitheaters would have to be diss'ed, any horned or hollow instrument....
Mebbe the fella is so bored, he has to invent Uber-First-World problems!

Must be nice to have that much time...