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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>Kip Winger
1996 Domo Records
Genre: Pop/Rock


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[size=-2]08/12/2004 Peter Voelker [/size]
If the name Winger sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you remember the band “Winger” from the early 90’s cheeze-metal. This CD is Kip Winger as he is now. Having gone from studio bassist to bassist/singer of Winger to his current incarnation, you can see that he is an amazing talent who is not destined for the “Where Are They Now” file.

This CD is written mostly by Kip and performed largely by himself and Rod Morgenstern with various guest musicians. This is really a contemporary style CD with plenty of acoustic guitar and little electric. Having earned his fortune, he has taken his music to where he wants it to go. Sales are irrelevant. What you hear is great songwriting with an eye ONLY for the creation of his masterpiece. Of worth noting is Rod Morgenstern. Truly an underestimated drummer who shines on this CD as the ultimate rhythym section. The whole CD is great. I will hilight a couple songs that I think are worth noting.

Having seen him live in a small club, I have huge respect for him as a talent. He put on an anazingly powerful show with nothing but himself and an acoustic guitar.

Track 1. kiss of life. upbeat song that kicks the CD off very well. Strangely, this one song is not as dynamic as the rest of the CD, so hold off on judgement of the sound quality.

Track 2. monster. I love the rolling bassline in this song.

Track 7. naked son. This song is exceptionally powerful. Without fail, it takes all of 20 seconds to move me to tears. Dramatic beyond description. Track 8. daniel. I’m not sure I understand this one, but I love it. Beautiful, rolling melody.