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Any suggestion to improve the woofer's speed of the Aerius I?
Did anyone try something to correct muddy bass and the lack of articulation?
I put some tube traps at the corners of my room and something goes better but my satisfaction is not enought.

Thank's in advance


It might not be the speaker, nor even the rooms acoustics messing with the bass. I have the typical sprung wood floor, which is to say that it is a house with a basement. I built a homemade copy of the Bright-Star sand boxes to absorb the bass resonances - it worked.

This innovation was so efficient at aborbing energy that it sucked some life and trebble out of the speaker too.

To regain the top end but still control the mid-range and bass I placed steel plates under the speakers. I tuned the sound by experimenting to see if it sounded best with one or two speaker feet/spikes resting on the steel - verses the compress wood top.

Final tuning involved purchasing large ceramic concrete cutting disks for the back cones to rest on.

In general I've found the sound of a material when used under audio equipment (including speakers) to mimic the material itself. That is to say, steel sounds strong but cold, glass is clear but can cause glare, wood is natural and warm but can be grainy or soft/soggy.

Look at the members systems, you will see several aftermarket platforms under the hybrid speakers for a good reason (including the foam and rubber ones).

Note: When you raise the speakers you will have to tilt them towards the listening position - they were not designed to sit so high (3-4 inches higher).
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give us more info of your system...

Hola. Regarding the lacking of bass or muddy bass sometimes is due to your system, cables, and settings. The Aerius I (8" woofer) is capable to deliver a very good clean bass, but depends a lot of the program material and the quality of your goods. Tell us more what is your system set up. We will try to help you. Happy listening,
I think maybe, the problem is my amplifier a Threshold SA3 50w pure class A.
But I don't belive it is the only guilty. The woofer of the Aerius I isn't a superior class loudspeaker.
I can try to use a Spectral dma100 that is more controlled in the bass section.
I like the sound of my amplifier so i don't want to change untill I will sure to resolve my problem.
Another thing to do is to raise the basement from about 2/3 inches and then listen with attention.


high-end said:
raise the basement
Are the speakers used in a basement that already has a concrete floor?

Concrete floors are supposed to be the best - best bass too.
high-end said:
yes, marble floor, no wood.


Marble over what?

On a 2 inch concrete setting bed?. On 1/2" cement board? On concrete slab (ground slab)? On a sprung floor of wood joist (house with crawl or basement) - perhaps steel/concete composite floor (high rise constuction)?

All I am saying is the transference of energy is similar to the transference of a buildings structural load. Starting with the roof loads, adding the floor loads we can then size the foundation to support it all.

Knowing what marble sounds like (under my turntable and equipment) - solid / hard and possibly glaring; I am suprised to hear reports of anything "muddy" about it.

NOTE: Have you checked the screws on the back woofer enclosure? Perhaps they have worked themselves loose?Perhaps the woofer attachment itself has worked it's way loose. Do you move a lot? Were they shipped recently?
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I think I've figured this one out - you don't want to scratch up your nice "MARBLE" floors, so you don't use the spikes. You are using the furniture type temporay set-up feet that came with the speaker, right?

Get something under the speaker to protect your floors and put the spikes on - there are some large aftermarket ones which can help. Even the ones you can purchase through M/L are very good.

My spikes rest on a homemade version of Bright-Star's sandboxes - great for cleaning up the booming/mushy bass problems.
You need an additional information.
When I talk about bass speed I talk of slow bass, without articolation, monotone bass.
I controlled every screw so this isn't the problem.
It's the way to sound that I don't like.

Any other suggestion?
Any other suggestion?

I'm not sure why you purchased these speakers if you did not like the basic sound. Did they sound better when you first heard them? Go back and find out why - room, amplification or just a good source like audiophile grade vinyl or super CD mastered by the best, could of fooled you at first glance/listen.

I don't like the SL-3 much or at least some years because they went to a ported box in lieu of the sealed box. Sealed box always sounds faster and tighter to me - unless we are talking about B&W's top of the line stuff.

Is the Aerius-i ported? I know the original Aerius is not, it's sealed - I like it like that.

Looking here:
Aerius: 8" - used in sealed cabinet format.................Aerius i: 8" high excursion, high rigidity cone with extended throw driver assembly, non-resonance chamber format

Eight years ago I changed my stator panels and had to replace a blown woofer - I was not angy about it, I love these speakers to death. Jim Powers at Martin Logan set me up and talked me through it all. I was getting terrible dealer service at the time so I did it all myself - he's my hero now.

I suggest you contact Jim Powers at M/L and describe the problem you are having. Your other choice is to just sell the speakers and get something that floats your boat (something you like).

PS: Good luck, remember most problems can be solved if you throw enough time and money at them. :D ..................maybe you should try cleaning the stats before doing anything drastic - may affect the bass in a way you don't expect.
Seriously consider the isolation/decoupling examples offered. Cleaning up resonances does wonders for "tightening" up bass.

To take it one step further, I lined the interior of my aerius with dynamat....that dramatically helped control cabinet vibrations yet did not change the interior volume enough to affect the woofer's specs.
ML Aerius I's on spikes on teflon

yes..thats right...teflon...basically the same stuff that cutting boards are made out of...i have the spikes i got with my speakers and they are on those boards....on carpet.i think the sound has improved quite a bit since taking then off the carpet directly...tighter bass moreso than anything....i think the highs improved a bit as least it seems so....:)