Impedance Curve vs. Frequency-Ascent i

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Aug 19, 2005
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Columbus, Ohio
I am trying to build two mono block amps specifically designed for the ascent i's but need an Impedance Curve vs. Frequency diagram. Does anyone have or know of one that has been published? I tried the ML site, but the Ascent i's are no longer posted there.

Dominick in New Jersey
I was able to find tha manual on their website, but it only gives nominal and minimum, not the whole curve. Also, Stereophile measures and publishes those curves, but they only have the Prodigy, no Ascent. Do you have a pair you can test?
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I have a pair but do not know haow to go about testing. Can you give me saome insight?

Also, can you send me the link to the page you found with the nominal and minimum.
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Dominick in New Jersey
Basically, you use a frequency generator to send to the amplifier and measure the impedance across the speaker terminals. The generator can be a stadalone piece of equipment or the easier route, a computer program (RTA or some speaker design software will do).

Minirator is one program you can use to generate signals from your computer. The resolution isn't the best, but you get the idea.

This link is a good start for testing information.

Ascent user manual

4 Ohm nominal, 1.2 minimum I think.