If you had to choose a NON planar speaker, what would it be?

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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
What box speaker would you choose if you were forced to live without your Logans???

If I were in that situation, It would be a tough choice between a minty pair of Kef 104.2s in Rosewood or some late model Klipschorns.
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Wilson Audio Watt-Puppies

They have always sounded good in the many times I have heard them with different electronics.

Mine would be Revel F32's. Heck, make that Salons. Unfortunately I have never heard Revels along with all of the other high-end brands (except MLs) so maybe this is a stretch for me to say that. Oh well. Back in reality it would would be Infinity Beta 50's. I can afford those. :cool:

Would have to be the Verity Audio Fidelio Encore. Not cheap, but one of the most musical 'box' speakers I've ever heard.


I would also have to go with Mirage. I recently heard a pair of Omni 250's that sounded great (with a Mirage LF 150 sub). Also, I understand that the OM-9's are good, as well.

Of course, I would never part with my ML's, no matter what. :D


They make Speakers in Boxes? :D

Agree with the Wilson post but I could not bring myself to spend $22000 on speakers.
For me it would have to be Altec A7 Voice of the Theatre. They are the closest thing I've found for imaging compared to my CLS. I love horns, and besides, they're sitting in my living room. :D
Here they are with the grills on. Now realize originally A7's were painted in a utility gray. These have been veneered in walnut, have solid walnut pedestals and solid walnut grills.


and with the grill off

WOW! I also see your Shandling CD player (I just love the look of that CD player!) and probably tube amps no doubt. Very nice. If I ever set up a second system I am going with horns and tubes.
Also a Mirage fan. The Omni's have much the same soundstage as the ML's, just not the same quality of sound.

Have several Omni's in other rooms, and the sides in my HT are OmniSat FX's.
Jeff Zaret said:
I had a pair of Kef's that I might revisit but not sure of what model this time or maybe a pair of B&W.
My thoughts exactly! I was trying to decide which one of these to get before I found the MLs.

Some of these:

- Living Voice Avatar OBX-R2
- Hoerning Agathon
- Musical Affairs Sonatine
- Tannoy Canterbury

All of these has left me deeply impressed. All are very high efficiency speakers without a real horn (except the Canterbury, which does use a horn of some kind).
my own

have made my own before planars with various Dynaudio, Focal, Morel, Lanzar, Audax drivers. Still have cheapo DIY HT system in bedroom made with 17 Advent ITC coincident drivers & 4 Ultimate DVC subwoofers.
Surprised no one offered up some of these guys.... This would be mine and when I actually have an income I'm probably going to build them and see how they compare to whatever my main logans are at the time....


With a nice piano black finish for the sides and a flat black finish for the front.
mattables said:
My thoughts exactly! I was trying to decide which one of these to get before I found the MLs.

I could probably never afford it, but I would like to have a pair of the Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage speakers.