? If we suggest to ML for new speaker(s)...

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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Wouldn't it be nice to suggest to the, Martin Logan, design department, what we would like to see, in future, ML speakers? I was thinking, if ML management or design and development employee's, or Gayle, himself (for that matter), read this thread... and all of the posts, then said, "This is what the ML owners would really like." "This is what they are asking us for." "This is what they are clammoring for."
I do realize, ML, does know best they have great and wonderful ideas (that is their job and their business), but I think we do too, and they should listen to us... after all we bought their products and have them in our homes. We love ML speakers, so who better to listen to... :)

A while back, Jeff, mentioned to me, that he hoped, ML should design another "CLSiiz", type of, 'all electrostatic pannel' speaker. This struck me, as an excellent idea... ML electostatic pannels are unequaled in sound, plus they have really improved, on the pannels, over the years. The, 'Summit', is a good example, of this improved, 'electrostatic pannel' design.

My suggestion, for ML, would be to build a larger, surround electrostatic pannel (pannel only, no woofer cone speaker), for wall mount. Similar to the Script i, but twice the size, pannel only, please.

I would be very interested in the ideas, from our forum membership...

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Great ideas from great people!


Your "ON IT". I think that ML is surely going to make what the public wants. I think that they added woofers to their speakers due to the public's demand for more bass. You know, the first MLs I ever heard were the CLS's and that is what made me a fan. I didn't at the time, find them lacking in base. I thought "How clear and crisp and real they sounded". They certainly didn't sound like that irritating kids car next to you at the stop light that keeps going WHUMPF, WHUMPF, WHUMPF! Wouldn't that be neat if they did bring those back?


PS. I don't think Jeff can resist jumping on this thread! :rolleyes:
Hi Robin,

ML people DO get on this site and read what is going on...

They almost always lurk, but that's ok... :)

How about this?

TomDac said:
Hi Robin,

ML people DO get on this site and read what is going on...

They almost always lurk, but that's ok... :)



Based on what Tom said above. Start a new thread titled "If you work for Martin Logan, please DO NOT read this". You know people can't resist temptation. LOL
Ok so it is a challenge for to add my 2 cents. LOL

Well, awhile back maybe six months or so and Tom can verify this, the president of ML and the national sales manager (?) did drop us a note regarding the "new" Summits and before that believe it or not Gayle did "leak" about new stuff coming out this year in a nice email to us.:D

I have talked with Jim Power on many occasions and he said he does occasionally look here. :D

Honestly, I think it is not bad idea to have a thread of what we would like to see. The issue is we have to be realistic. We all have to remember that ML is ultimately in business to make money and has to compete in a very volatile market. We may want to have two threads one which is realistic on changes, tweaks, ideas for current products and maybe one that is a wish list. This can get a bit crazy so we need to limit ourselves to reality bound statements and wishes.

As far as me wishing for new CLS's with the Summit style panels, I did ask Jim Power and to make a long story short he said no plans. I guess with a panel that wide and maybe the design costs involved in addition to new electronics it may not be cost effective. Or is the real question would I pay for an upgrade like that? HHHMMMMMMM :rolleyes:

Jeff :cool:
I would say if you have an opinion about their products, Post it, it couldn’t hurt. Were starting to see a trend in Martin Logan products, that as time is going by they are getting smaller. Which is both good and bad, some have say they want a bigger center channel then the theater but if ML keeps doing what there doing we may get a center channel that looks like the Theater with summit styling the size of the cinema center.

It’s no secrete I hate the low voltage power supply; I wish they would have keep the IEC removable power cord port. I like being able to add a shielded power cord, for me I can hear a difference in sound quality. The problem I have is if I upgrade the cord on my Ascents and use the low voltage power supply on the Theater i, the sound changes in quality. When I E-mailed ML about the low voltage power supply their replay was they don’t feel an aftermarket power cord makes an deference on their speakers, and they clam people wanted a smaller cord for an easier install. Well no one asked me if I wanted an external power supply that was unshielded with very small, thin wire to power my panels.

Some things change for the better some change for the worst.