Cinema High Voltage trouble shooting

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Mar 15, 2005
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Hi Everyone.
Has been a while since I have been on the forum, but have been doing a catchup with lots of great posts.
I see my Shower Cleaning Thread is still going, great to see. I should update then PDF with suggested improvements.
Moved from Switzerland to UK 2 years ago.

Have an issue with my Cinema center speaker, lost all the midrange, the electrostatic panel. Bass and tweeter are running normally.
I have pulled apart the speaker and found the HV supply, I do not have a probe to test the HV, so am looking for advice on what to do next.

I have confirmed the 230v to the HV power supply, also the red led is ON.
All components look visually OK.

I saw on another post about making a HV probe from an old CRT tube TV parts, going to research that one. Or help from anyone here on that one.

I contacted a local authorised dealer here after contacting ML,, but no answer yet.

Appreciate any advice.