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Jul 13, 2013
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Monticello NY
Hello Im new here so I apologize if these questions was already discussed.

- problem: suddenly started yesterday right side makes loud rumbling sound but no music

- tried: unplugging for about a day and vacuumed, and used compressed air. Check power cables & speaker cables for issues. all have failed

- Ive looked at some of the threads here today after discovering the site and I am shocked to discover the whole issue with the sudden cost of panel replacements, If I would have known this I would have considered getting something else since i got the used a few years back. Anyway im wondering if anyone can provide me some info, while pending replies from ML.

1) I know panels cost increased but in this case would I need 1 or 2 panels? and does anyone know the current cost of them? I called and they are only open monday to friday and the wait is killing me.

2) If i go with replacement are they originals or more updated panels, and how easy are they to replace yourself and if so is there a DIY guide to do so?

3) I have read the shower trick, but I am hesitating to try it unless there is absolutely no other choice. Is there anything else to try? I have read inane of these threads about sending to someone to refinish/recoat is this a good option, and if so can someone recommend me a place to do so. I live in upstate NY and can travel to NYC easily so if there is a shop or some reputable to help me with this instead of paying likely a incredible amount for new panels.

4) How does the loyalty program work im not the original buyer so im not sure if I even qualify. I love ML products but truth be told this and from what is up with new management i may jump ship. Its really to bad since I was saving for a pair of montis once im no longer a starving student.

5) For those thinking of getting of the bandwagon what are you considering moving on too, I really enjoy the ML sound but the thought of ending up with junk in a few years but paying for High end now is not my cup of tea.

Thank you all for your help guys this community truly is excellent, unlike so questionable actions by a company I once admired. Its really sad but its happened with other HiFi companies and Im really getting tired of this.
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I dare say that the ESL itself can not make "loud rumbling sound," but the woofer can? Has something broken inside the cabinet? Better description of sound?
Never though about it the woofer but the rumbling is more of a sound that im hearing like a rolling static like sound. When I listen more careful its seems to com from the esl not the woofer.
I don't think you need new panels with this symptom. Have you swapped the channels to determine if this is coming from the amplifier or not? It doesn't sound like the sort of noise that could be coming from an unamplified speaker alone.
I have swapped the channels as well as the power cords used. How would I check if its panel problem for sure? Ill check all of my components again and cables though.
Do you have separate binding posts for ESL and woofer, so you can remove the jumper and try ESL without the woofer (and vice versa)?

In the worst case of an ESL panel sandwich coming apart (or diaphragm sticking to stator) it might buzz and rattle (or make a strange peeling apart 'static' sound) and make no music, but let's not jump to conclusions...
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Do you mean if they are bi wire? if so then yes. Ill give them a try in a bit. if its the first case what are my options?

nvm i see what you mean just saw the diagram on the back.

-ok so when only the woofer are connected there is the low rumbling noise.
-but when only the esl is connected i get a higher pitched crackling noise.

- Im guessing both are bad :(
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Hola. If music stop suddenly, then I think you have a high voltage power supply issue. How is your electronic skills? Do you have a friend who might like to help you with this?... you have to swap the power supplies, and listen. If the problem swaps, you found the problem. Because your Aerius have some age, at the back of the cabinet, there are several philips point 2 screws. I think are 10 or 12 screws. If it can not be removed, you have to pry with the help of a flat screwdriver. Put two personal cards into the edge, because you could damage the cabinet when prying. The back cabinet is difficult to remove, because the paint might be helped as an adhesive for the wood. (Please excuse my English). Get a notebook and write the colors and the shape of how the cables are connected to the PS board. Watch carefully the polarity of the music sensing circuit. It usually is a gray color thin cable. When it is peeled, you find silver and copper colors. Copper is +. Use a rubber mallet to help to loose the back of the cabinet. With patience you will do it. You can PM to me love to help, or ask help at martin logan service dept. You can ask for Dana Brown or write to him an email [email protected]. Happy listening.
The board has screws for all the cables. You do not need to solder anything, but yes, if you want to troubleshoot.
I am glad that you are going to look inside your Aerius. You will find the top quality electronic components, and the layout of the internal crossover for the woofer and the panel. It is easy to find the Power Supply, just follow the A.C. cables from the connector. They go direct to it. Happy listening!.
Ok so im trying to remove the back today and they are very snugly attached. I have been prying but its not moving, perhaps I need to use more force? There are two more screws on the back in this pic and Im not sure if these need to be removed as well. Im not sure what kind of screws these are so if these go to be removed if anyone knows what i need to get them off that would be super.
You do not need to remove those two screws. They are only securing the female AC plug. The PS board and part of the crossover is located at this back board. Yes, you have to pry harder! Also, with a rubber mallet, you can hit the back board with strong strokes, to make it become loose. Once, I had to take off the woofer, and from there, with the help of a lug, was the only way to remove this back board.

When you have the PS Board in your hand, inspect it for a bad solder joints. Sometimes, the humidity and time, could did some corrosion. Check the suspected components. There are some zener diodes, that I had to replaced once. But usually, the problem is the little transformer that it is located almost at the center of the PS board, or the 5 resistors of 15.0M ohms (brown-green-blue-gold). One of these resistors is open. Just replace it with another with the same value. The secondary of the xformer, is the one that usually is not working. Measure the DC resistance of the good PS board, and it should give the same or very close, the reading. If you want to measure voltage, be careful, because you could burn your tester. Do not measure any voltage at the multiplier circuit, unless you have a high voltage probe to do it. WATCH IT!!! YOU COULD GET A NICE SHOCK HERE!. All measures should be done with the cable from the wall, unplugged from the Main AC, if you do not have this special probe.

Good luck!.
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what does the multiplier circuit look like? Im really kind of a noob with limited electronics skills lol. hope this goes well...
it is a latter voltage. Diode and capacitor, that is the voltage multiplier. After the secondary wounds of the xformer. The primary wound is facing the AC input, and the secondary is facing the voltage multiplier.
Thanks guys problem solved needed fuse. Wonder how this happened, perhaps I need a power conditioner? BTW I did the shower panel was and was wondering what those clear plastic squares and rectangles are on the backside of the panels?
Those plastic square and rectangles are a tuning shape things and anti resonant for better and flat frequency response. Do not take them off. I forgot that some models have a protecting fuse!. Use no more than .5A 3AG value fuse to keep protecting it. Happy listening!