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I did a search on the internet today to find out about a pair of speakers I own and a post from Martin Logan from 2003 came up. Mind you that was the first time I received any reply back from the speaker I was searching about. The speakers I am inquiring about are Fairfax which from the post in Martin Logan 2003 said were made in New York back in the 70's.I want to know more about these. I know this is a site that has nothing to do with these but as I own them I want to know as much as possible. They have 6 8inch drivers in each cabinet and are 3 & a half feet wide by four feet tall. Anything you audiophiles can offer would be greatly appreciated .
Michael Kleckler
46 looks and nobody has a single comment ..Yikes what have I got a hold of here ? I don't see Fred Flintstones signature anywhere on them .They aren't that old guys .I mean if you say you heard of them or anything it won't age you or anything. LOL! I really only want to any little thing you might know as I know NADA about them. Thanks for looking tho folks.
Hi Michael,

When you say "from the post in Martin Logan 2003" what do you mean? That is very confusing to me....

SpeakerNutz said:
46 looks and nobody has a single comment

Okay...since you are looking for a comment. Never heard of them...Sorry :p

More than likely the person who posted about them no longer visits here if you are refering to a prior post here on MLO.

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I've never heard of Fairfax speakers either.

Are they electrostatics?

I've heard of Dayton Wright speakers- there's a blast from the past.
kach22i said:
I've heard of Dayton Wright speakers- there's a blast from the past.

I used to own a pair of Wright Model 7's - Great 5 way speaker. Gave them away to a friend of mine when I got my ML's.

Different Speakers

Yes folks, I did a search on "FAIRFAX SPEAKERS" and this came up.

Posted by Jason on April 08, 2003 at 15:06:54:

In Reply to: What speakers did you own before your MLs? posted by Peter_Klim on April 08, 2003 at 07:11:09:

For years I have been using an old vintage pair of 3-way Fairfax FSS speakers (circa 1974) that my father passed onto me. The company, originally from New York, has been defunct since the early 80s but was well-known in the disco era for a giant model aptly named "The Wall of Sound". My Fairfax speakers weigh about 50 pounds each with a solid walnut cabinet and actually sounded pretty darn good with all kinds of music (very open and powerful- great for reggae and old school boogie!). It was the perfect speaker for vinyl as I used to pound out every Led Zep, Who, Queen, AC/DC, Kiss and Deep Purple record I had in my collection. Later on I moved to a pair of cheap Mission bookshelf speakers before finally going "high-end" last year beneath it or not! I actually listened to my cassette deck in the car much more when I had my older system (taping albums from vinyl).

The MLs of course are in a different league. Yet I always have a fondness for these vintage speakers and they now sit somewhere in the basement as decorative pieces. MLs are the only brand I would consider if I am looking for electrostatic speakers. At one time, during the early 90s I was enamoured with Apogee ribbon speakers. Since owning a pair of Aerius i's my only upgrade in the future might be to a pair of ML Ascents. Other brands I thought about before purchasing MLs were Gershman Acoustics (Avante-Garde and GAP models) and Maggies 1.6 which my father now owns.

Musical Cheers!

Anyhow I am praying that someone out there can just have some knowledge about these huge speakers. I guess that I am hoping to find out they have decent value as they sound alright.I have worked along in life as most and was in financial services and doing OK. I had some time for music but most the time was spent working and I listened in the car on good systems between appointments. . Then over a multi year period my business spiralled downhill and failed . I just wasn't pushing it like I used to and thought I was a failure. I then started driving truck without decent pay due to no C.D.L. license but was still had no drive or energy. I started going to a college run course for my C.D.L license and had a sleep study done . That let me know that I had Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy. I was let go from my Driving job and had to drop out of College even though it was only for three weeks I still will have to pay $1700.00 . .Why this is all being mentioned is because while I was going to school I was dreaming of finally being able to pick the audiosystem of my dreams. I was searching the net for what was out there and discovered you for example. I own a few items now that are exciting to me but the truck driving loot would have been able to afford me whatever I desired because my wife has a decent job and loves to watch movies at home. I presently have a set of Infinity RSII 's that need refoamed in that otherwise are in excellent condition except for one speaker cover which I just have to properly repair. I have some receivers/tuners in the basement that need looked at like a Harmon Kardon, a Superscope, a Marantz, and the Fairfax Speakers of what this post was about. I have over five hundred albums of music I love and have picked up while dropping into yardsales between appointments. Anyhow sorry about the diatribe and for coming in here and letting loose. I will lurk for a while longer and when I hear my first set of Martin Logans I hope they are all you guys make them out to be . As for me as I actually think my wife might like the look of them more than anything else I have owned and since I love Rock and Roll for the vocals mainly they seem like they could be a righteous fit. When the good life gets rolling again I may own set !Thank you for being there.
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Hmmm. Better contact Jason directly for the answer.. He IS the president of this club after all!

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Well, Cool... Now thats good info.Maybe my persistence has paid off a bit. I hope he doesn't mind me posting his words form yonder days tho.....Anyhow i hope he knows more about them than the bit he noted here.