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Apr 4, 2005
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San Antonio, Texas
Dave Brubeck - Time Out

Artist - Dave Brubeck
Title - Time Out
Year of Release - 1959
Record Label - Legacy Recordings
Genre - Jazz

This is one of the all time greats. I'm sure you have heard it. If you haven't your missing something very special. For you vinyl guys, the album takes this recording to the next level. Take Five is truely breath taking.


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Great Album, Give the SACD version a try.
Has both 2 channel and surround sound versions on the disc!
45rpm LP Version

And for even another step up the audio food chain give a listen the 45rpm LP version, 4 LP's single side pressings. Astounding dynamics. Magical.
And for even another step up the audio food chain give a listen the 45rpm LP version, 4 LP's single side pressings. Astounding dynamics. Magical.
This is the ultimate pressing of this jazz classic. It makes every other reissue sound flat and lifeless (hyperbole, I know) but to hear this is to hear the ultimate version.

I have heard this recording on cd before and then read this thread about 3 weeks ago. Well since then I have purchased the Dave Brubeck "Time Out" 4lp 45rpm set and I must say the results are absolutely amazing. I am very happy I came across this thread. thanks!
If you like this album, get your hands on the Brubeck Live from Carnegie Hall. This cd is better musically. Some of the improvisation is insane. The recording is pretty stellar also, considering it is 50 years old.
Check out QSF Plays Brubeck

For those who love Brubeck and strings, check out Quartet San Francisco plays Brubeck. It's an audiophile recording. And it was praised by Brubeck himself.
The Duets

If you get the chance, look around for the album The Duets, it was just Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond alone.

The LP is great, there is also a 24 bit/96 kHz remastered cd which has more detail on it than my 'normal' cd of the same, you can her Paul's breathing and pads on the sax, even Dave's piano chair creaking!

The album is very special, my #2 after Time Out.



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Excellent CHOICE!

As a stereo guy, other than the older Mark Levinson recordings, I feel Time Out is of the best albums out there where we really feel the room/space the recording took place in. What an amazingly live sounding yet intimate recording.

As a musician (drummer) when I was learning my craft in the early 70s, Take Five, and Blue Rondo were my introduction to non 4/4 time signatures, hence this album always has been a very special one for me. Every time I hear Blue Rondo my brains clicks into 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 counting mode. (For me, it is much easier to count the 9/8 in Blue Rondo at 12 12 12 123 that to count 123456789).

During the song Take Five I wonder where in your listening room everyone else that listens to speakers made of saran wrap hears Joe Morello's drums coming from?

Again, great choice Wards Web.
Very cool, but I've already got three different versions of Time Out. Do I really need another??? The Brubeck Desmond album looks more interesting to me.