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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Dances With Wolves (DTS)
Year of Release: 1990
Film Studio: Orion Pictures / Image Entertainment
Genre: Action / Western – Drama

This film was Kevin Costners’ success story. In 1990 he won critical acclaim and Academy Awards recognition for Dances With Wolves. Costner won best Picture and Best Director Oscars in 1990, for Dances With Wolves. I thoroughly enjoy this film every time I watch it. :D It was filmed in South Dakota. The great plans really lends it self to beautiful photography from beginning to end. The film is of course based on a wonderful book and then made into a great screenplay by the author Michael Blake.

Dances With Wolves was Costners debut as a film director but he also stared as well. Costner really did a wonderful job directing this film. As a director should Costner was involved in every aspect of this film. This film has Costners vision of the book at its heart. Costner even had the location of world’s largest privately owned ‘herd of buffalo’, at the time some 3,500 head on the Houck Triple U 55,000-acre Ranch, as a major character in the film. One of the interesting choices Costner made as the director was to use the actual Lakota language by its Native American characters, as well as voice coaches for the other non-Native American actors.

Mary McDonnell realistically portrayed Stands With A Fist. She was convincing as well as beautiful on screen. Their is chemistry between Costner and McDonnell on the big screen as well as on the small HT screen. :D My favorite part is when they run into each others arms with forceful abandon. It is believable and well played. I enjoyed her as his translator in the beginning. How she finds her English words, buried deep in her mind from before she was forced become a Lakota, as a small child.

I enjoyed the all too brief performance of the late great Robert Pastorelli (Murphy Brown, Michael) as Timmons the muleskinner.

The Native American actors were fantastic Rodney Grant who played Wind In His Hair, Tantoo Cardinal as Black Shawl, and Floyd Red Crow Westerman as Ten Bears. My all time favorite Native American actor (writer) was Graham Greene (Green Mile) as Kicking Bird. Greene gave an outstanding performance as Kicking Bird trying to show the difficulty (an acting challenge) to understand Costner’s character John Dunbar, while being nice to a stranger. Greene and Costner have chemistry as friends even as each is from very different cultures and even as those cultures are at war.

Dances With Wolves or 'Dances With Wolfs', as my son used to say (when he was seven), is great action and a lively entertaining love story of the Civil War era Great Plains West. This was one of the first DVD’s I ever owned which offered DTS sound. This DVD has the feature film on two disc's. Their are no special features / Bonus features offered on this DVD. I wanted the DTS sound more for this film. The DTS sound does this film justice especially in a system with ML speakers.

:D HT relaxed, comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time let the movies turn you on…




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