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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: The Last Of The Mohicans (DTS) "Director's Expanded Edition"
Year of Release: 1992
Film Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Genre: Action Adventure / War / Drama

Based on the world famous novel by James Fenmore Cooper this film is beautifully directed by Michael Mann. Mann's cinematography is absolutely stunning. Filmed in the lush forests of what is colonial America, Mann captures the true spirit of Fenmore Cooper's adventurous and dramatic novel. The central characters of Cora Munro played wonderfully by Madeleine Stowe and Hawkeye portrayed terrifically by the great Daniel Day-Lewis find themselves in love amidst a brutal war between the British, the French and Native American allies. It's a story about the last of a tribe of Native Americans, 'The Mohicans'. The bravery and honor of the Mohicans' is the paramount to the story.
Hawkeye must rescue his love Cora Munro. In the process of rescuing her, she rescues him, with true love. The action and heroism is thrilling and is quit pulse pounding, because of the love between the sister Munro and the Mohicans.

The great Native American actor Russell Means portraying 'Chingachgook' the last of the Mohicans is fantastic. His heart felt vengeance, pain and longing is so wonderful... Wes Studi is excellent as the twisted adversarial Native American, 'Magua'. Madeleine Stowe has never been better, she is strong and has real chemistry with Day-Lewis. The emotions she shows under the waterfall as she says good-bye to Day-Lewis's character is moving and gives real power to the story. Daniel Day-Lewis was the spark, the energy of this film. I believed in him. His honor, trueness and sincerity was remarkable. Day-Lewis is one of those actor that can move you by just a look with his eyes. Day-Lewis is a great actor.

Mann truly captures the viciousness of the battle / combat scenes. He also makes the romance and feeling of emotion swell and grow in The Last Of The Mohicans. Strong performances from all the actors and a great story make this film a glorious film to own. It left a wonderful lasting impression on me and makes The Last Of The Mohicans a wonderful film and a true classic... :D

As you can tell I highly recommend this film... :D I was very impressed with the DTS sound in this copy on DVD. The DTS sound as usual played very well on my ML speakers. This DVD does not have any extra or bonus features, which would have been nice, but as long as it has DTS that's good enough for me. This DVD looks great and has 12 scenes with never-before-seen footage added by Michael Mann, in this 'Director's Expanded Edition' of the film.

:D HT relaxed, comfortably in ML bliss until next time, let the movies turn you on...





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Sep 13, 2005
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Robin: Good evening. You have chosen one of my top 10 all time soundtracks. The third song, "The Kiss" with its interplay between the violin and orchestra is worth the price of the dvd alone. When going through the "Smokies" and up through the "Skyland Drive" areas of N.C., (where some of it was filmed), and Virginia, I always put the c.d. on just to get a better flow of the area. Even Enya has a nice haunting composition. Its truely beautiful both musically and visually. Nice touch, and Happy New Year to you and yours.