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Feb 11, 2005
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Does anyone know of a third party manufacturer that produces cloth or ultra thin suede covers for ML speakers, preferably with a ML logo on it? As of now, it seems the only option is to find a tailor willing to make one for me.

I wrote ML and they said, "A few years ago, we had cloth covers for our speakers. This was not cost effective for us and we have since sold out of these covers."

You missed out this past December. ML cleared out their remaining inventory on cloth covers and I was lucky enough to get some for my SL3s. :) They contacted Tom Dac and he was able to post the offer to the club members. Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone who makes them. :( Good luck.
Yes Kruppy inquiring minds want to know what they look like! :p

No problem. I'll try to get something posted later today when I'm home from work. They're made out of a flat black some-what stretchy material (not spandex) with "Martin Logan" embroidered on the front. They have a small slit in the back that opens up for the binding posts.

I bought a Cinema second hand and the previous owner included 2 black king size pillow cases with the same ML embroidery. I drape one over the Cinema to keep the dust off.

Looking forward to the photos...THANKS! Do you ever place this cover over your speakers when they are plugged in?

My main reason for wanting this is that I'm afraid my son is going to find dad's speakers a real novelty. Hopefully, by them being covered when I'm not around it was act as some sort of deterant for messy finger prints, and the curiosity to poke the holes.
Cover Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures. If anyone wants more detailed photos let me know, I'll do what I can.

I purchased mine for about $75, which I thought to be a bit pricey, but my wife as usual had no clue what to get me for Christmas. So I ended up buying my own Christmas present (much better than a tie, socks or tighty-whiteys).

I do cover them when plugged in. Per the ML directions that came with the covers, they suggest that the speakers remain uncovered for approx. 6 hours after their last use. I need to check if there's a material tag to see what they're made of (non-conductive material?).

By the way, under the pillow case is my Cinema.

I have three kids (4.5y, 3y and 7 months) myself. Yes, the covers are somewhat of a deterrent to probing peanut butter covered fingers, boogered noses and other unconventional weaponry of immature minds.

I have my set up in the corner of a finished basement away from the kids junk (How do we end up with some much crap?). My kids (God love 'em), although very young, know that Dad will go "Nuclear" if they are anywhere near my gear. My wife knows this too and has trained my kids well while I'm away.


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Thanks for sharing the photos...much appreciated.

I think the pictures are detailed enough that I can show them to a tailor and have replicas made. They seem to be an excellent way to prevent accidents....I'm sold on them.
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Glad I can help.

I had to change the resolution of the photos because the file sizes were way too large to post. If anyone is interested, I can email you as many gynormous sized jpeg files you want (my wife is into photography and I have permission (yes that's right) to use her 8Mpixel camera). She has her toys and I have mine. :)
Thanks for the photos. They are cool and I think I would have done the same if my kids were as young as yours. My youngest in 18 and rarely home. So I have the house to myself and can crank my ML's. LOL :eek: