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Jan 2, 2005
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Rochester, Michigan
I’m slowly catching the upgrade bug. My current setup is proving to be a bit harsh on my ears (Adcom 555II pre and Adcom 5800 amp with SL3s). I would like to step up from mid-fi to something on the higher end. I’m now in research mode and considering Classe equipment. Does anyone have any experience with a CA-201 amp and/or the SSP-25 or SSP-30 pre/pro with ML speakers? I listen to 80% audio 20% theater.
I have a ca 101 running on a set of aeons. Nice warm sound and no problems pushing the aeons at high levels. I am quite happy with the imaging and the soundstage. I would have to say that there are times where I prefer to watch some of my movies in stereo rather than 5.1 because things seems to be imaged better. Now if I can only have a dedicated room.
i used to have a pair of 201's on my requests. they sounded simply amazing.
For my HT/Audio setup, Im running a Classe CA300 amp. Pre is a BAT VK-3i with a Sony SACD player. Very warm and smooth sounding amp that I used to run with a EAD TheatreMaster HT processor.

The good thing with the Classe amp is that there is a switch at the back between the balanced and RCA inputs. The audio setup is run balanced and the HT feed through the RCA inputs. Switching between HT and 2ch audio is just a flip of a switch. The main speakers and amp is used double duty between Audio and HT.
I had my Classe' CA300 mated with a tubed preamp (ARC LS7) for my ReQuests and this combination sounded very good. The HUGE improvement was realized when I bi-amped with tube amps on the panels and my trusty old Classe' driving the bass of my ReQuests. Based on your comment that the Adcom combination is harsh, and without knowing what you're looking for, I'd recommend that you also consider tube amplifiers (an preamps) in your list of equipments.

Good Luck