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Ok, I am looking to upgrade my transport in the next week or two. I am looking at either a ShengYa cd-s10 or a Jolida JD100. Both of which are being purchased from online dealers. The Jolida is selling for 450$$ and the ShengYa is 350$$. My questions are.... which is a better player? and will having a 120-220v step up transformer negatively affect the sound quality of either of these players?

Hmmmm........ I just dont know which one to get.
Jolida is not hdcd and the shengya is...... but the jolida has been highly praised.

Please help!
My equipment is: Rotel RC-1070, Parasound HCA-1000, Mapleshade Golden Helix Speaker cables, Aerius i's, and my current cd player is a 6 year old Sony DVD-530.... so anything is going to be a giant step up. I auditioned the rcd-1072 and loved it, but my wife says it is too much to spend... so I have to listen.

Hi there,

A couple of things: First, make sure any step-up transformer outputs 220v, NOT 240v or 250v - these higher voltages can lead to a significant transformer hum from a lot of kit. Secondly, I'd recommend surge protection or power conditioning after the transformer - a 'small' mains spike into the transformer will become a much bigger spike out of the transformer!!


Aren't both of these players available in the 120V versions? I considered the Jolida, because of all the great reviews but ended up with the ShengYa. I really like the ShengYa. I got one of the 120v versions. It was no different in price. In doing research on the ShengYa, it is the same player as the Vincent that received many good reviews in Europe. The only negative about the ShengYa, is that it does NOT come with a warranty. There is one available, but at a cost of $99. The ShengYa sounds great with my system. I have no regrets; it has been a great player. I have had mine for about 10 months now.

Jeff Aguilar
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The Jolida is available in a 120v version, but it is $900 to buy one from a dealer in the states. I was looking at the ShengYa internals compared to the Jolida. It looks like the ShengYa is not a true tube output. It looks like it is a tube driven solid state output, whereas the Jolida has a tube for each output. Also the Jolida is soooo much simpler in comparison.
I am on a wife restricted budget and really want to get the best player I can find for under $500. If that means buying an import, then so be it.
The warranty thing about the ShengYa is rather scary though. It would be a faith purchase for sure.
I was wondering if you had received your new cd player yet and what you thought of it.

Jeff Aguilar

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