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Jan 1, 2005
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Hello Guys,

Could any one here offer a good box alternative after not being able to find any good used ML?

Many thanks
Seriously Nick, you are not going to wander into this forum suggesting an alternative to ML!
Depending on your budget, you can get MLs like a used pair of Aerius' for about a grand which provides exceptional sound. For a few hundred more you may be able to get a pair of SL3s. There are a lot of choices- check out audiogon, audioweb, audioasylum, ebay and even canuckaudiomart (in Canada) where you can get some exceptional deals on used pairs (saw some Aerius and SL3s not too long ago).

Honestly as this is high-end audio, you are not going expect to pay $500 for a pair of MLs. There are plenty of choices out there and really little excuse for not being able to find a good used pair at any reasonable budget.

As Tom pointed out, what is your budget? In addition, what is your room size, and requirements- MLs have models to suit every occasion and situation.

Good Luck!
Hi Guys,

Please, I really do want a pair of ML's. I have been looking for almost 5 months now. And I have been without speakers for 3 weeks and I am starting to go crazy. Thus why I am trying to find something. You can also see my post in the Classifieds section of this site.

My budget is about $1200 Canadian. I would also like to get speakers that I can pickup. Shipping would eat pretty deep into my budget. I missed a great pair of Aerius's in Vancouver by about 3 hours. They were in perfect shape, I could not ask for anything cleaner!!! In fact I don't want to talk about it :(

You can see my system here:

I listen to everything (except rap and country). My room is only 10x12 (dedicated) right now.
I know it has acoustical problems which I am working on. Eventually I will make a room in my basement with built in acoustical treatment. It's going to rock.

Ideally I want some SL3's then my next choice are some Aerius's followed by some Scenarios.

I don't suppose you want to upgrade your Aerius's Jason? The would go to a really good home. I also have money in the bank... just say the words, you know you want some new ones....

Anyways, any and all help is appreciated, someone out there MUST have some as rear surrounds that they would sell. I would really prefer a Canadian sale too.

Many thanks
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Alternative to ML

Hang in for a little while longer. You will find Aerius on Audiogon between 800-1000 dollars. I think you will think it worth the wait when you score a pair.

The only box speaker I have heard personally that clearly beats my ReQuests is Avalon Eioldons (sp) but at an extremely higher price. Even at that I still love my logans.

Have fun.
If push comes to shove and nothing shows up, what do you think of Reference 3a or JM Reynaud as a solution for 6 months or a year? :confused:

No one out there has any rear surrounds that they want to upgrade?
<i><b>Now is the time to move your fronts to the back and get the main speakers you really want!</b></i>
man, i just sold a set of mint Quest z's for $1000. :(

they would have been perfect for you.
No worries Bonedust,

The Quest would of been to big anyways. They could fit now, but once I build my larger and acoustically treated room in my basement the ceiling will only be about 71" high because I live in a heritage home.

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Just remember. . .

A thought for you - if you don't get MLs, you'll always be looking at whatever you bought and wishing that they were MLs.

Then, in a few months, you'll buy some MLs anyway.

This costs more in the long run!!

I always save the cash to buy what I really want, otherwise I end up spending far more money on upgrades.


Plenty of ML Choices Available, Nick


I saw your ad on canuckaudiomart. If you do a check, there are 3 other ads for ML speakers (an Aerius for $1,200 from Guelph- dated Dec 17; another Aerius from Kitchener for $1,100 dated Nov 20, and SL3s from Burlington dated Nov 15-I am sure the guy can come down in price). I am going to make the assumption that you already contacted all three of these individuals (if you haven't or missed them- well get to it!) and that they are not available. I just did a search on Ebay- guess what- 3 pairs available from $600-$1,000 (Sequels, Aerius etc). Audio Excellence (Richmond Hill), and Bracks both sell ML speakers both new and old. Ask them if they have any available (they may have a pair stashed somewhere). Yes I know that they are from Ontario but hey- what are you gonna do. Shipping within Canada is still cheaper. Shipping is not going to cost you a few hundred dollars- so relax. Save up and go for it.

Used MLs keep cropping up. My advice to you is simple- have a little PATIENCE. It helps. If you want a pair of MLs you are going to get pair of MLs. In the world of high-end audio, you will learn that patience can help you make better and more informative choices.

Good Luck!
Hello Jason,

I did contact all the people selling Aerius's on, they all sold right away. I am currently checking canuck audio mart about 78 times a day.

I did not contact the person selling the SL3's because I did not want to offend him by offering so little. What do you think they are worth in Canadian Funds? And what do you figure shipping would cost across the country?

I really did not want to buy out of the US because I would have to pay tax (14.5% plus shipping and a brokerage charge). If the speakers were a $1000 USD, that would be $1223 CND + tax of $163 plus about $250 for shipping making the total costs for some Aerius's about $1535. Thats more than I have and more than I want to pay.

So I am really hoping some will show up, or someone on here will see this post and decided they want to upgraded and sell there old ML's to me (seeing as I am like a guaranteed buyer)

If anyone is interested I found a pair of Monoliths in Vancouver today during my searching. They are to big and to expensive for me, but I am sure someone out there would like to get a pair.
I Found Some Aerius's Tonight

I found a pair of Aerius's tonight! :)

They are in Hamilton Ontario. He is the second owner and had them in his second system where he drove them with a Mark Levinson power amp and Jeff Rowland preamp. The original owner was a friend of his.

They come from a non-smoking, pet free home.
Have original boxes, feet (both spike and saucer type) manuals etc...
The also have upgraded power cords which are made from Belden cable and Leviton connectors that are included. The speakers themselves are in pretty good shape both functionally and cosmetically 8/10.

The only downside is they are 12 years old and the original Aerius, they are not the "i" model. He is going to send me some photos and the serial numbers. He also said he would build custom second boxes for them with foam in between for no additional charge.

What do you think a fair price is for these. He gave me one, but I would like to hear from you guys? Also what else should I look for before buying them?

Many thanks
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you could always upgrade those to i's down the road. ML sells a kit i believe. sounds like a killer deal
Nick said:
I found a pair of Aerius's tonight! :)

What do you think a fair price is for these. He gave me one, but I would like to hear from you guys? Also what else should I look for before buying them?

Many thanks

This is what it's listed (US$) at this site:
Used Market Avg: Aerius: $300 - $975
Aerius i: $1100 - $1200

Aerius (used)
He was asking $1050 Canadian plus shipping which I figure will cost about $200 Canadian.

What is the safest way to ship them? Fed Ex, UPS, Canada Post, .. ??

Also should I be at all worried is the speaker is 12 years old?
Replacement Panels from ML would run me $650 Canadian.

Also does the panel have the auto shut feature to sop charging the panel after it has not been used for X amount of minutes?

Hi Nick,

Glad you finally located a pair. The panels should have auto-shut off but earlier models may not- to be totally safe, just unplug the power cords. As for shipping, I believe Canada Post is not bad at all (has improved recently). I shipped a large box of MIT Reference Cables to Vancouver the last week before X'mas (it got there in 3 days as promised). The prices are also reasonable and these days it is a lot more convenient with the tracking system.

As for the price, I figured it would be between $1,000 and $1,100 (due to age and older model- not the Aerius i). All the same, you got a great deal and it will help you well on the way to understanding and appreciating the beauty of ML speakers. If the panels have been kept well in a smoke free environment, they can last for many years. What I would do is to give the panels a nice wash (you can actually shower them- check the archives which contains a lot of info on this subject) and vacuum them on a regular basis. As well, keep them away from direct sunlight.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the info guys.
I have not bought them yet.

He is going to send me some photo's and the serial numbers. I am going to email ML to see if they have the auto off. I will post pics of them too for you guys to see before I accept them?

Does anyone one here live in Hamilton Ontario that would not mind inspecting them before I commit o buying them?