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Dec 27, 2004
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<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>Blue Man Group
1999 Virgin Records
Genre: Pop/Rock


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[size=-2]08/26/2004 Peter Voelker [/size]
Blue Man Group. If you already know who they are, then you know that it is very hard to describe them. At the core, they are 3 men who are blue. they wear blue latex gloves and head coverings with black clothes. I originally knew them from their live performances, so when I saw that they released an audio CD, I had to pick it up. If I had to put a description to it, it would be maybe 80’s influenced modern tribal dramatic art rock?

They are a very rhythmic act. It seems that all 3 main members are drummers. Their trademarks are the instruments that they invent, commonly made out of PVC pipe. Instruments such as the drumbone, tubulum, and “big drum”. The big drum is between 20 and 25 feet in diameter. Very unique and inventive. The floors shake.

To fill out the rest of the music, they have a handful of other musicians and some traditional instruments such as Chapman Stick, guitar, bass. No singing, instrumental only.

I recommend visiting their website for a sample of the unique creativity these people have.

Of particular note to me is track 6 where their kit drummer really lets loose. As to the recording, it is unbelievable. One of the best that I have. Crystal clear and very dynamic. I would not have thought that so much PVC pipe could sound so good. The CD is HDCD encoded, so if your player supports that, it will sound extra nice.

I have to get this CD. I saw the show when I was in Las Vegas and it was great! I remember thinking the show was going to rock, since it was the first show I'd ever gone to where they were handing out ear plugs! There were warnings everywhere about how the extreme bass might be too much for people. I highly recommend the live show (it's also very interactive with the audience). :D
Blue Man and HDCD

Love this recording. Can't figure out why HDCD isn't a bigger thing. Every time a hear a recording in HDCD I like it. And if you don't have a player that will support it,... no problem.
I have 'The Complex' on DVD-Audio and it is one of my favorite discs. Very well recorded any dynamic and in DTS 5.1 surround, stunning. I would definitely recommend it it to those who like this type of music.
Happy listening! Mark

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