Ozric Tentacles - Spirals in Hyperspace

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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>Ozric Tentacles
Spirals in Hyperspace
2004 Magna Carta Records
Genre: Pop/Rock


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[size=-2]08/14/2004 Peter Voelker [/size]
The Ozric Tentacles are the premier experimental/progr/trance/instrumental/psychedelic band. They are not a band ealisy labeled. Synth plays a large part in this, but it is in no way a “dance” album. Very prog based. I recommend finding some samples from them online. They have their own sound entirely. When you hear the Ozrics, you know it’s them. With this CD on Magna Carta records, they now have a large indie label behind them. Magna Carta is known for their prog artists. I don’t think that it’s worth breaking this CD down song by song. They are fabulous musicians in the progressive vein and have written a full CD of great music. The reason that I recommend this CD above any of their others is the magnificent recording. No matter how “busy” the music gets, it’s always crystal clear. As with some of my other recommendations, it’s not so much that the recording is good to hear on MLs for <X>reason, it’s that the MLs are the perfect sounding speakers for this CD. I feel that this is exactly how the Ozric Tentacles want their music to be heard

Another way to describe Ozric is for anyone who has Sirius satellite radio, they are played on the Jam_On channel, they are a 'jam' band to some extent. Just my additional $0.02.