From Theos to Montis, goodbye Magnepans.

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So the quest led me here, Audio Physic Avanti III, simply one of the best speakers I have ever heard at any price. After much research and reading a bunch of reviews I finally decided on these. I could not write a better review or agree with Michael Fremer of Stereophile more, pretty much everything he says is spot on.
Audio Physic Avanti III loudspeaker
The Theos image and sound stage is better and they are non-fatiguing. The Montis could bring out a bit more detail at the cost of being too bright sometimes. I don't know if it was my room but the magic the Theos possess was just not present in the Montis. I bought them used and it's hard to imagine the previous owner not even listening to them enough to break them in but I have seen it before. I have read a few other reviews that preferred the Theos over Montis, it's nice to know that I'm not alone. Maybe my room just isn't big enough to accommodate the Montis, I could not get the new Magnepan's to sound good either so I took those back as well so the quest goes on.
Definitely going to say the Theos is a great speaker. I loved mine for the 5+ years i had them. However I found the Montis to be everything the Theos was and more. Got to admit thats the best part of this hobby, everyone's tastes are different.
That is true, I really wanted to like them, they were less than 2 years old and practically new, but the Theos are less than 5 and like new as well. For now though the Audio Physic speakers are unlike any box speaker I have ever heard. Huge 3D soundstage and the speakers simply disappear, even when I am looking right at it. As for a winner between them and Theos? There will probably never be a clear winner, both do things that simply amaze me.
Even if I won the lottery I probably would not buy a pair because they would be wasted on my ears. I'm just not that critical. I never got into this to see how much money I can throw at it. Rather how much I can get for how little. I had someone come over that spent a ton of money on a new system and was completely mesmerized by both of mine and how little I spent. 😉