Anthem ARC Genesis with Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X subs

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Jul 22, 2023
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Nottingham UK
Hello Guys I am trying to fathom how the Anthem Genesis ARC software works with my two Dynamo 1100X subs and how to control things with my MartinLogan subwoofer control app on my iPhone. My subs are connected directly to the speaker outputs of my mono block power amps as I don't have a preamp connection available due to the age of my equipment. I have calibrated my subs using the ARC Genesis software on my MacBook Pro and the PBK - Perfect bass Kit - microphone etc. So this has generated a correction curve for each sub that I have implemented. NOW can I use the MartinLogan subwoofer control app to determine the crossover frequency that the subs add bass to my main speakers in combination with the ARC correction curves? It is not clear in any of the manuals for the subs or the software. Any ideas are welcome please.