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Thanks for sharing your insights!
I'm looking for replacement woofers as well but not due to damage. I would like to tweak the Aerius I to reach a bit lower. They are a bit "slender" in the bass to my opinion! I have tried to put them on soft feet but then the bass gets fuzzy. Now they stand on 20 mm steel spikes on a 40 mm stone plates. A precise bass reproduction but not in balance with panel sound levels.
Any tips and advice is much apreciated :)
Hello Einar,

I give an update of the reconstruction of my Aerius (classic), unfortunately interrupted during 2023. The Aerius are now operational with new Peerless woofers HDS-P835026 and rebuild ESL panels. The bipolar electrolytic capacitors of the low pass filter have been exchanged for Mundorf ECap raw, decreasing significantly the series resistance of the components.

Measurements with REW software / Sonarworks microphone / Scarlett 2i2 DAC, give a F-3dB at ca. 46 Hz. This value is confirmed by the calculations. This seems better than the original version. In my living room, bass level is very nice, held firmly (Audio Research VT60 amp, 4ohms terminal).

The Martin Logan recommended woofer substitute, Peerless SLS-P830667, will give the same F-3dB, with a probable boost of the bass, as the Qtc is slightly increased.

Regards. Renaud ;)
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