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Mar 15, 2024
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I have a pair of aerius that I was told took the full fury of a carver magnetic field amp. The woofers are toast and one panel only produces slight sound from top 2/3. I have ran wires from the good speakers panel connections to other, and problem was solved. I have checked on hv board and some resistors by inputs show open. I have seen a post on using the hv from good speaker to power both panels till bad board is sorted. Is this possible using the terminal blocks for panels? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to getting these going. Had acoustats years ago and miss that sound,,, it's the mlps104 Rev a board.
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You likely also fried the audio step-up transformer in the failing unit. So, double-check that as well.
After connecting panel to good electronics again, the panel produces sound to top, but the sound thins out closer to top. It's there, just not as loud as bottom of panel. Good one is same volume all the way up.
I notice some wrinkling of membrane at top. Any suggestions,,,
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