A and B jumper blocks in Quest-Z X-over

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I had a look into the cross-over of my Quest-Z. There are two sets of jumpers marked A and B, and currently they are connected with the B terminals. Does anyone know what these are for? Please see the attached picture. Thanks in advance.


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If Roberto doesn't know, which is highly unlikely, then I would email Jim Power at ML.
Maybe someone else here has a clue. I can guess but it is just a guess.

Jeff :cool:
This is actually not the x-over... It's the high voltage-board (bias) that
transforms the 120V (or 240V) ac-voltage to the thousands of voltage
needed for the stators to work.
These jumpers are most likely to configure the primary side of
the transformer, depending on your location (9-12V, 120V or 240V).

* Are you QuestZ 120V or 240V ?
* What's the label on the transformer ? (Modelno. or serialno.)

I'm VERY interested if you have more of these photos. I alse have ML QuestZ,
but with the 9-12V hv-boards and I'm VERY curious about the differences.
Please email me photos if you have :)

// Lars Frisk, Sweden.
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