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For Sale Mark Levinson ML-3 & MIT Terminator Interconnects...

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Nov 14, 2022
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...and plus maybe a pair of Martin Logan Requests with matching centre speaker, but still deciding on those...shout if you're looking for those until I can get a chance to take photos & list those!?!

The ML-3 has just been looked at by a certified Hi-Fi dealer in my area in Bedford Hills, NY, and had no issues whatsoever aside from one slightly loose connection on one RCA terminal, which was tightened up. Can provide receipts with proof of this work.

So all working and sounding great, but cosmetically it's not the finest example. A few marks and scuffs on the body, and right the off the bat as it's the model with the clear Perspex top plate - that would be great to get replaced because it's a bit scratched. I toyed with the idea of getting one made recently and having it done with an embossed ML logo or something cool since it would have to be a custom size & drilled Perspex sheet, but I haven't made time for that as yet. Last thing of note is that one of the large handles on the unit is slightly dented inwards at one end, again nothing that affects the working of the unit but I wanted to flag it.

The interconnects are MIT Bi-Wire Terminator 2's, a pair each 7ft in length, and in superb condition.

I'm not too hot on the pricing for this stuff but a quick look around online puts everything together at about $2,400, so I'd be happy to start there, and would prefer a local-ish meet up rather than shipping because it's so heavy. However if someone out of state or not in NY, CT or NJ, I would definitely pack well and ship at cost.

Any other questions please fire away!

Thanks for reading.


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Also totally open to discussion on the pricing etc if somebody has experience with ML stuff or know better - I'm just going on what I can Google at this point, but more than happy if people want to make constructive comments / suggestions / offers. Thanks in advance MLO forum.
I thought this could be interesting but I’m in San Diego and that beast weighs 116 pounds!
Price reduced to $2,200 and will include shipping at that price, would love to see this go to a new home in the next week or two so I can fund another project.
Bumping this to the top - a lovely Fed Tax bill means that I'd really love to get this moved on to a new home as fast as possible now - anybody with a sensible offer will be considered gladly!
Anyone interested in this - really need it to go to a new home now so I can recoup the money I spent on the mono blocks that I replaced it with, it's just sitting here unused at the moment which is a real shame! Posted on a few sale sites for $1850 negotiable, and I still have the MIT Terminator2 speaker cables for it as well...Based in NYC but can deliver/meet in NY/NJ/CT, or arrange packing and shipping in the U.S. only. Thanks!