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May 4, 2024
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Good day all,
I'm not sure you're going to let me stay on here :ROFLMAO:

I have had a pair of ML Puritys for over 15 years, and recently, they have both developed problems, one with an amp board, the other with a PSU fault (which I might have exacerbated doing electronic swaps for fault finding!). The repair cost in the UK is more than I paid for them in the first instance, and I'm not so heavily invested in ESL as I was 20 'better hearing' years ago (previously had ESL57 and ESL 63)

So, here's my current thinking, and I am already a way down this route.

  • Removed ESL panels from speakers (still have them if anyone in the UK wants them) - tick!
  • Remove all internal electronics -tick! Recycle said electronics - tick!
  • The backplate now only has the heavy duty binding posts and the AC input IEC connector - of this, more anon

I now have two rather attractive looking cherry veneer cabinets, with some oddness on the front faces - see pics - the fabric grille at the top covers nothing.
These cabinets are still heavy and 'dead'
Each speaker seems to have two identical woofers, both 6 or 6.5in, 6ohm

This is what I propose to do:

  1. Replace top woofer with a similarly sized midrange unit
  2. Maybe replace the odd hole (was the ESL connection port) with a ribbon or diaphragm tweeter
  3. Install a three way passive second order crossover to feed all three units, suitably rated

(A different though was to place the tweeter behind the top fabric cover, and cover the square hole with some fancy, bespoke vanity plate!

And then, the more esoteric
  • Maybe install a class D amplifier INSIDE the cabinet (there's plenty of room and access). Can even get one of Fosi units with inbuilt bluetooth for non-audiophile use
  • Maybe install my old SONOS ZP80 preamplifier to feed the Fosi with a stereo signal (I still run an old Sonos S1 network as well as a Sonos S2 network)

With the new electronics power from the IEC power port, and a single speaker wire from one cabinet to the other, I could have the makings of an 'interesting', certainly unique, speaker system!
Easy job to create new fabric covers held on with velcro.

I just cannot bring myself to throw these away!
This is a light hearted project from someone who is technologically overstimulated and has some time on their hands.

Is this bonkers?