Which center channel matches ML's the best?

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Jan 4, 2005
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Bayreuth, Germany
I am in search of a center channel to match with my CLSIIz'es. Due to space and power supply considerations I can't go for a Martin Logan center. Are there any other brands that would match well? I am more interested in 2-channel but I have been forced to integrate HT, so ultimate HT sound quality is not my goal nor is multi-channel music.

How big is too big for your application?

What about Martin Logan’s Fresco 8.25" H x 24" W x 5.69" D, or ML’s Vignette 19.5" W x 4.5" D x 7.1875" H.
Well, if you do not care that much about the quality of sound for multi channel music or movies, why buy a center at all? In a movie setup, the center is the most important speaker of all of them. Anyh difference in timber between the L-R and the center is easily heard and quickly becomes annoying. The advice regarding the Fresco and Vignette is good since these speakers should match pretty well with the panels. If this is too much money and you cannot find a good ML center used, I would suggest you hold off on the center unless you can get something good used. ;)
Yes, but...

Yes -I thought about the Fresco, but I was wondering if there is anything else I should be looking at? I may be wrong but I think the Fresco is NOT a perfect match to Martin Logans Electrostatic speakers since it uses completely different technologies. I get the impression from various discussion forums that none of ML's center channel speakers are very good. That's why their new center channel is so eagerly anticipated. But I may be wrong!
fresco are the ones...

Hola chicos! I have here with me, the Cinema i, and the Frescos. Also I have a pair of CLS IIz. The truth is that the Cinema i is better than the Frescos, but the Frescos are really close to match their speed and timbre. If you can get them, you will be not dissatisfied with the Frescos' sound. They work in push-pull like your CLS and they are really fast also. They are narrow image like the CLS, but in the sweet spot, you will love them for sure. Try them...trust your ears. I think that you have to spend a lot of money for a better dynamic center channel speaker. The Frescos are winners to my ears and for the budget too!.
Hope this can help!
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You only need one. For the price of two get a Cinema i. BTW, you can get very good used Cinema centers on Audiogon for about $800 or so.
FYI: I have looked on Audiogon and other websites on and off for a used "Logos" (not anymore) for about six years. I have only seen one for sale, high priced, and it sold quickly.
Just for the record, EBAY has a Logos center channel on auction through the 7th of April...