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"What would be a good amp choice for my MartinLogan speakers"?

That is the most common question we hear on the site. The folks at ML hear it too.

Selecting the right amplifier is a HIGHLY personal decision. Before asking the question again, here are some things you should read first:

MartinLogan's guidelines on finding a suitable amplifier:

A section here on the MLO site of recommended amplifiers: http://www.martinloganowners.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?64-Amplifiers
These are ML owners who have taken the time to write about the amplifier they're using with their system and what results they've had.

Search the "Members Systems" part of the site. Find owners with the same speakers you have and see what they're using.

Use the SEARCH function here at the MLO site. Read what others have asked and already answered!

An electrostatic speaker can dip down to less than 1 ohm in resistance, which many amplifiers cannot tolerate. An amplifier that doubles it's output when the resistance is cut in half (ie 250w @ 8 Ohms / 500w @ 4 Ohms, etc. ) is a good indicator that the amp is well built and stable.

As ML states on their site: ...it is important that the amplifier be stable operating into varying impedance loads: an ideally stable amplifier will typically be able to deliver nearly twice its rated 8 Ohm wattage into 4 Ohms and should again increase into 2 Ohms.

Do your research. Contact amplifier manufacturers and ask them questions about driving electrostatic speakers.

And lastly: You've made an investment in purchasing what we here at MLO consider to be the finest loudspeakers made. Don't cut corners when it comes to amplification.. Get the best amplifier you can afford. Your ears will be rewarded!
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