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Jan 6, 2005
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Anybody else out there like listening to records? I just hooked up a turntable to my system and have been smiling from ear to ear listening to old albums. I had a Dual CS508 turntable from the 80's, but when I hooked it up the headshell carrier was busted. I had no way to attach the cartridge, so rather than fix it (probably about $100), I bought a new turntable. For $250 I was able to buy a Stanton STR8-80, which may not be considered audiophile equipment, but works great for me. Nice heafty unit with blue lighting that matches my Sunfire equipment perfectly! It sounds great, has digital outputs and it has a very powerful motor (built for DJ'ing). I can even use the reverse feature and speed controls for looking for secret messages on my 60's vintage albums! :eek:
I am not sure you find any hidden messages, I think they have all faded away. :cool: I have an old Thorens TD 125 turntable form the 70's with a SME arm and a AKG cartridge. What is amazing that some of those old albums really do sound pretty good. Of course some of them do sound like crap too :rolleyes: I still enjoy listening to some of my albums and maybe it is a bit nostalgic but they still put a smile on my face.

Love to listen to my LP's! Have a bunch of old stuff (50's-80's) on vinyl and a lot of SuperDisks and MFSL's...
I've been listening to lps for years through my Logans (currently Ascent is.) My first tt was a VPI HP19 mk IV, but I recently upgraded to an SME 10A with a Graham tonearm. Lots of new vinyl is still available, especially on the net. Cartridge, btw, is a Lyra Helicon.

If you compare the same album on the two formats, generally the lp almost always sounds better.

I just acquired an Esoteric DV50s universal disc player, and SACDs played through this sound almost as good as vinyl. Actually, sometimes they sound equally as good.

Good luck with your new discovery and keep the lp faith!
My digital set-up (Bel Canto DAC 1.1, Marigo Apparition digital cable, Pioneer DV-37 for transport) pails in comparison to my vinyl set-up (Clear Audio Champion, RB 300 Arm, Expressimo Heavy Weight, Clear Audio Virtuoso Wood Catridge, EAR 834P phono stage).

Major bonus: used records are dirt cheap and abundant!