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Hi All, happy new year from Denmark.

I gave my self a pair of Aerius for x-mas. The trim is made of oak wood, which do not suit my living room.

I would like a carpender to make a new pair for me, so my question is: Have you got a instruktion with meassurments in centimeters you can send me or give me a direction to?

Thanks Juppe
You can use the oak panels as a pattern you also stain or paint your panel and sace yourself a little money.

Hi Ken, how do I remove the trim? Do the element fall off?
Removing the trim


The trim can be slide off by tapping the end of the trim. Do it from the bottom of the speaker with a rubber marlet. (Did I spell it right?) Anyway, one of them rubber hammer thinge.

Lay the speaker on its back and tap the oak trim from the bottom. It will slide off to the top and the panel will fall off because the trims are the two things that hold the panel.

Hey, if you want some other colour, why don't you just paint the trims instead of getting new one made. Of course, if you want different type of wood, then a set of new trim it must then.
Juppe said:
Hi Ken, how do I remove the trim? Do the element fall off?
Hi Juppe,

look in the section called "Press Releases, Reviews & Articles". There is a detailed PDF file with photos that shows you how to remove the trim.

It's easy! :)