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Jan 3, 2005
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Research Triangle, NC
This is similar to the Favorite Recordings threads, but with a slightly different intent. Before I went to audition some MLs yesterday, I pulled together assorted tracks onto CDRs with the intention of testing various aspects of speakers. I specifically made one disc with vocal music, and one with dynamic "kick"-type music. I listen to the vocal disc first, so that my ears don't get tired prematurely, then the kick disc to see how bass and percussion are handled. The tracks vary wildly across genres of music.

Given more time, I would likely change the content of these, but this is what I pulled together on fairly short notice for an Ascent/Summit audition yesterday. The tracks were ripped to iTunes on a Mac using lossless compression, then assembled and reordered into playlists for the final CDRs. Using iTunes this way let me preview each disc arrangement so that I could try to sequence reasonably compatible tracks. Each disc is about an hour long. After initial listening, I tend to jump around between discs and tracks to compare for specific things.

1. Theme From Harry's Game / Clannad
2. Na Laethe Bhi / Clannad
3. Elsewhere / Sarah McLachlan
4. Ice / Sarah McLachlan
5. She Cries your Name / Beth Orton
6. Pensacola / Joan Osborne
7. Rain Comes Down / eastmountainsouth
8. Avalon / Roxy Music
9. Touch Of Trash / Patricia Barber (thanks to Wardsweb in Recommended Recordings).
10. Roads / Portishead
11. Children Of Sanchez (Overture) / Chuck Mangione

1. Precious Things / Tori Amos
2. Strangers / Portishead
3. Few And Far Between / Shannon Curfman
4. Gaslighting Abbie / Steely Dan
5. While My Heart Is Still Beating / Roxy Music
6. Hella Good / No Doubt
7. Sparkle / Live
8. Some Like It Hot / The Power Station
9. Fell On Black Days / Soundgarden
10. Magic Carpet Ride / Steppenwolf (yeah, I'm old)
11. Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Yes

and just for the heck of it, a themed compilation (with some repeats of the above:

1. One / Three Dog Night
2. Ice / Sarah McLachlan
3. Roads / Portishead
4. Beautiful / Joydrop
5. The Losers / Warrior Soul
6. Open Your Eyes / Guano Apes
7. Fell On Black Days / Soundgarden
8. You Oughta Know / Alanis Morissette
9. Going Under / Evanesence
10. Pensacola / Joan Osborne
11. Liar / Three Dog Night
Just started compiling a similar Test/Demo CD, but am limiting to ONE Disc. I'm using a freebie .WAV editor (WavePad), to cut excerpts from the full tracks, saving space and time. So far I've got...

1- L,R Channel Check / Denon Audio Check CD
2- Phase Check / Denon Audio Check CD
3- Makin' Whoopee / Branford Marsalis (from Sony Jubilation compilation)
4- You Go To My Head / Harry Connick, Jr, Kirk Whalum (from Sony Jubilation)
5- Cold, Cold Heart / Norah Jones
6- Acousticity / David Grisman
7- The Higher You Rise / Sheffield Track Record
8- Pictures at an Exhibition (finale) / Cleveland Orchestra