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Jeff Aguilar

I bought a Cinema off ebay this past week. When it arrived today, it had two visible scuff marks on the front. It looks like it just needs some touch up paint.

Does anybody know what paint they use?

Jeff Aguilar
Touch up paint

From what I've read here in the past, the ML paint is a custom mix. I would start by checking the most recent archives. I definitely remember someone asking the same question within the last 6-9 months and getting quite a bit of feed back from the group.
touch up paint...

hola Jeff. What I do here in Costa Rica, is with a touch up marker (flat black) furniture repair. You can get it at any warehouse. When the scratch is covered by the marker, use your thumb finger to follow the crack, and remove the remains ink. If the crack is to big, try to contact ML for the paint is very difficult to get the exact match...but you will with patience.
Hope this can help and regards Jeff...
Happy listening,
I just talked with ML about touching up the black on my Descent. They said they use NOW spray paint for touch ups. It's available at Ace Hardware stores and the color is called wrought iron flat black. They suggested masking off all but the touch up area and hold the can about two feet from the speaker. use very light coats to get the same finish as original. Hope that helps.
Thanks guys for the feedback. I will go to Ace Hardware and pick up the paint.

Jeff Aguilar

I tried the NOW paint and it looked awful. That what ML suggested too. It has too much of a sheen, even for flat black. Even spraying between 1 - 2 ft. it has way too much orange peel. I'm still experimenting with a spray gun and some different paint.
How big of a scratch do you have to fill in?

I had a few scratches on my used Theatre center channel that I touched up with Tamiya flat black plastic model paint and I can't even find the scratches anymore. It is a perfect match.

I used a small bottle of XF-1 flat black and a small paint brush. Because it is a water soluable acrylic, any mistakes can be easly cleaned up with a wet rag and the paint self levels once it drys.

Any hobby shop should have the paint.

Here is a picture of what a bottle looks like. The caps come in the color of the paint.
Where is the scratch - on the grill or on the mdf enclosure?

The scratch or ding is not on the grill area. It is on the lip right above and below the grill.

Thanks for all of the input. I have not made it to ACE hardware yet, but from the above responses, I think I will go and find the model paint. I did not want to repaint the entire speaker, only touch up the dings.

Jeff Aguilar