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Jul 6, 2008
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Artist: Tina Arena
Title: Songs of Love and Lost 2
Year of Release: November 2008
Record Label:?
Genre: Pop

I have followed this Diva from Down Under for a long time, and while many critics simply dismiss her as bubble gum pop, her voice is as rich and velvety as any singer over the last 20 years.

On this album she arranges & rearranges some classic hits and truly breathes new life into them. Anyone that takes on classic love/loss songs from the likes of Alice Cooper, The Police and The Split Enz is either asking for punishment from critics or has the chops to make it pay off. Trust me when I tell you that Tina Arena comes out on top here.

While all of the songs bring a fresh new twist some gems include Blondie's "Call Me" put before us as an up tempo jazz arrangement backed by a symphony orchestra.

Ms. Arena's version of "Wouldn't It Be Good", a mild hit from Nik Kershaw in the early 80's, is haunting. This song has been on repeat through the Summits for 2 days.

Get this album, you will not be disappointed.


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