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Mar 6, 2005
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From here:

Accoustic foam to attenuate the backwave. Absolutely required for Soundlabs (IMHO).

Are SoundLab's that different from Martin Logan's?
years ago I had a budy that had a foam cutter that would make coragated foam in any thickness I wanted , I experimented with reflective areas in the room , it does have its purpose in some areas but not for the $$$ they want , go to bed bath and beond and buy a king size matress cover for $35 and save the other $1200 and put it into your pocket for future upgrades
C.A.P said:
it does have its purpose in some areas but not for the $$$ they want
I'm not looking to spend money, just looking to learn a little more about acoustics.

After looking at some systems on Audiogon, I see many ways to spend money. There is one guy with some pretty good Boston Acoustics speakers (helped my brother buy a similar model years ago $600). Well, he has a $3,500 Rix the stuff, it's his money.
tweakage can take on a form of its own , I may be playing around with some sound panels soon ,as my Logans finaly are breaking in and smoothing out, (new stat panels.when I tried to use them last time it was in a very small room with big ribbons and I tried to make the room appear larger , it worked alright to a point, I think I will go for the first reflective areas or second , I have found the back wall has alot to do with the sound also , it is a tough trade off this insane line we try to walk on
C.A.P said:
I have found the back wall has alot to do with the sound also
I've written a lot on what works for me, and what I've read elsewhere. However this other guys system is different, I've read that he had (pier-one looking things) screens to block UV sun rays from hitting the speakers. Then he added the foam towers to keep them from rattling all the time the bass kicked in.

I'm just as curious as why he calls them a "SALLIE".

Is that similar to the bell support in a church bell tower?

I feel I should know this one, being an architect - but it escapes me at the moment.

Actually it was the other way around. I got the SALLIES along with the M-1's from the SoundLab factory. Then they mentioned to me on the phone that UV will destroy the membranes so not to park them in front of windows without something to block the sun. I got the Shoji's in the picture to do this, not thinking about the resonance issues! For the longest time I thought the Soundlabs were bottoming out when the volume was up to loud on heavy bass notes. It was the shojis flapping. So anyway the Shoji's are gone now and replaced with fabric curtains to keep the sun off.

According to the SounLab website SALLIE stands for:

"Sonic Attenuator for Lower Levels of Interference Effects"