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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>the Gathering
How to Measure a Planet
1999 Century Media Records
Genre: Pop/Rock


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[size=-2]07/06/2004 Peter Voelker [/size]
the Gathering is a band from the Netherlands. Originally a heavy metal band, they have evolved to a mellow atmospheric progressive rock sound. Their strongest point (IMHO) is their singer. She has the voice of an angel. The individual players do not have the chops of a progressive band, but their combined songwriting skill has made them a favorite of mine for years.

This CD was released as a full double CD by Century Media. One of Anneke van Giersbergen’s greatest recordings (IMHO, the greatest singer I’ve ever heard). Every single song hilites her amazing voice. Musically one of my top CDs and now that I have MLs it is also one of my favorites to listen to. With respect to the MLs in general, this is a great sounding CD. Filled with effects from their talented musicians that sound great with the clarity of the MLs. And when The Gathering decides to add some drama and power, the dynamic range of my Sequels does it justice.

Disc One
Track 2. The Great Ocean Road. This songs starts off with some keyboard effects in one channel with a didgeridoo in the other. Interesting.

Track 3. Rescue me. The middle of the song has a great theremin passage and some nice souding guitar.

Track 4.

Track 5. Liberty Bell. This is the most upbeat song on the CD. It shows some of their metal roots but it’s still dynamic souding (ie, the guitar is not overpowering).

Track 6. Red is a Slow Color. This features some really nice hi-hat and cymbal panning effect that I never noticed until I got my MLs. The songs has a very flowing melody and the usual array of keyboard effects for you’ll come to expect from The Gathering.

Disc Two
Track 1. South American Ghost Ride. A long song. Very mellow atmospheric instrumental. Entrancing.

Track 2. Illuminating. This song starts off with a nice left to right effect on the drums, this also appears in the middle of the song. A subtle theremin is present, well done. Anneke sings different verses in each channel and then it all comes together for the chorus, sung seperately in each channel.

Track 3. Locked Away. This is a downbeat and melancholy song. The trademark array of effect are present, but the guitar brings this song down (in a good way - to reinforce the song’s meaning).

Track 4. Probably Built in the 50s. The intro is a catchy drum beat with a very industrial effect on it. The vocals start with a similar effect. This is one of their favorites to play in concert. Very dynamic musically, but the most “metal” song on the CD. I’ve heard things on this song now (thanks to my MLs) that I have never heard in the 6 years that I’ve had it. To my earlier statement about the MLs doing justice to the music, the blast into the metal drive hit me like a brick wall. Amazing. This is a song to play - LOUD. Track 5. How to Measure a Planet. This is a long experimental song. Kind of in the image of old Pink Floyd with all players contributing their own thing. It begins with a NASA recording panning channel to channel. It develops into a nice groove and is a good listen.