Thanks for the advice!

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I have read a lot of the post on cables and read alot of good post on Nordost with ML's Took the plunge on the Red Dawns and just love them. Made those sweet mids even better. I was even more surprised at the bass. I was worried what a cable that thin would do to the bass. The results were great. Thanks to all!
Nordost for me too!

Taz, did you also get the RD interconnects? Out of curiousity, what are your componets?
The Nordost fits so well with M/L, has to be the speed of both I guess.

Dude do they even make a larger screen? :) Makes your speakers look like tiny toys. :D
I did the same experience some weeks ago. It let me think that I had a different system. Amazing, Ashtonised by these wires. Too bad that they are so expensive..