System no. 442 ( CLS, Motion 15, ELS 9 )

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Nice stands. My Sound Anchor stands for the CLS look better though. But they don't have quite the mass serving to decouple the speaker vibrations from the room. The Sound Anchor stands are not designed to be able to be filled with sand, to my knowledge.

Many thanks for kind words.

I do not recall your having posted images of your system.

We all look forward to images of great hifi systems.
On Thursday my local ML dealer upon request of service by me sent 2 technicians to my residence.

Original and faulty power supply circuits were replaced with new.

And the result great sound once again.

Lucky for me the fault was in electrostatic power supply circuits alone and not the panels.

So far ELS 9 sound great close to when they were new.

I am downsizing to free up funds. Trying to recover sunk cost.

Few items will be up for sale for audition and pick up in Karachi.