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Mar 19, 2005
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Dave Housteau
Thibodaux, Louisiana

dedicated sound room -12' cathedral (10' average) x 21.5 x 15.2
stock CLS1s (at present) with custom stands (just finished them)
Modified RS1bs
VTL Deluxe 100 monos
Audio Research SP9
Eagle 2a
Jolida CD
Polk and Audioquest speaker cable, custom interconnects

I am currently trying an experiment mating an original set of CLS1s to my RS1b bass towers. My thought is that if the bass towers are quick enough for the CLS, I can just switch between the CLS and the Infinity EMIMS/EMIT towers at will. I am using a modified RS crossover / servo unit set at 140 Hz. with gentle 6 db roll off to the CLS. The bass towers are being rolled off above 100 Hz. The zone between 100 and 140 is actually being filled in quite nicely due in most part to that gentle slope and the mid bass respons of the CLS. The system curently measures close to flat down to below 20 Hz.

I am just getting started and it only took 8 years to get my RS1bs to their best, but so far so good. The integration seems to work just fine, but there is a lot of fine tuning on the road ahead.


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WOW :eek:

Another "mini" Statement system.

If I only had the room for CLS's.....
Yes, in a way it is :). My feeling is that with a series of smaller 8" drivers it will be a better match than with those towers with larger 10 and 12 inchers. The 1bs were known for bass a bit tighter and quicker than the later Betas. So far the match seems very good on most material, and I have only had a few days to work with it. I'm presently out of town and have been for 10 days now. I would have responed sooner if I had computer access. I know, it is hard to believe that in these days one could be without computer access. Trust me. It does happen :).

If you're running the CLS's full range, try rolling off the towers at ~ 40Hz +/-. I think you'll be quite surprised. I do think the 1b towers would be much "faster" than the Kinergetics SW800 towers (although I know one person who loves his SW800's!)

My (current) favorite solution for CLS bass, after using Watt Puppies (great!) and Kinergetics (boo!) is a single, solitary ML Depth placed right between the panels -- the fastest sub I've ever heard, and absolutely seamless, you don't even know it's there.
I just got back home. No, I'm not running the CLSs full range. I am giving my VTLs a bit of a breather by not having the CLSs on too much bass duty. I have been reading very good things about the Depth. It would make sense that since it is a ML product, that it would bond and play well with others within the same family.

So far though, I have to say that I am pleased with my experiment. I am a tough critic and I have heard better, but not that much better. It is pretty darn close. Plus I have the advantage of switching the Infinity mid/trebble towers back in with little fuss. A compromise? Yes, but a good one :). I am curious to see what the next few months bring with the tuning, tweaking and possible modding.
What crossover are you using again? RS????

The speakers from Infinity were amazing in its day. Must be nice to play with some nice speakers.
I am using a modified version of the original RS1b active crossover. With it I have better gain control, an external power supply and the ability to turn the feedback circuit on and off. With it off, the bass towers seem quicker, but at the expense of some low end extension. The Infinity EMIM/EMIT towers have been modified in that my EMIMs have all been rebuilt to a higher than factory standard.

Even considering the age of this Infinity system and all the years I have owned it, I find it amazing that new discoveries still happen. I firmly believe that the most important component is a combination of the listening room, the room acoustics, and the placement of the speakers and listener within that room. Without that I believe it is impossible to achieve the best out of any of ther other components.

Well, I have been living with this new set-up for a while now and believe I have found the best placements within my room for these CLSs. A few inches here or there do make a difference and I have several optional positions marked on the floor for them. The best surprise of all has been how well the Infinity RS1b bass towers have worked with them. In fact, I now think that they work better with the CLS than with the Infinity EMIM and EMIT towers they were designed for.
You have the best of both world now. Amazing mids and highs AND bass impact and authority!
I finally have a new digital camera with a wider lens that can capture my room better.


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Nice new pics of your system...

BTW...I see you are pretty close to N.O. Hopefully the storm did not impact you and your town as bad as N.O.

The rear wall is a bit unique. It is an original sculpture by Patrick Miller that shows off his interest in a sciencefiction/gothic slant. I guess to me, reproduced music creates a sort of mystical, magical illusion of reality with the acoustic space. So, my room has the artwork to match. The sculpture has a lot of different surfaces to diffuse the sound several feet behind my listening spot. Although my prints are glass framed, they hang on the wall at angles to reflect the sound up and away from the listening seat.


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Here is my right rear corner of the room. It is the only corner without acoustic bass controls. I have several older components there that I just can't seem to let go of, like my original Kinergetics 20a, one of the first truely musical CD players. That was followed my the first Musical Fidelity X-ray, then to my present Jolida. The Oracle turntable has been a real champ over the years. I have never been one to buy the latest and greatest just for the sake of doing so. My older components make that pretty clear :). If something is thought to possibly be better, then it must first prove itself to me in my room and system.


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That hurricane was terrible. I am still in shock with all that has gone on. Thankfully I was very fortunate and got by with just minor roof damage to my home and this soundroom, which is separate from the house. It was close and if it had gone just a bit more to the West, I could have very easily lost it all.
Glad to hear your system (and house) survived.

Art is subjective, I'm not sure my wife would allow me to get that freaky. :D

Great system, looks like all you need is a nice spiked equipment rack(s) to finish it off.
kach22i said:
Glad to hear your system (and house) survived.
Art is subjective, I'm not sure my wife would allow me to get that freaky. :D
Great system, looks like all you need is a nice spiked equipment rack(s) to finish it off.

Yes, I was very fortunate being so close to all of the destruction, yet left pretty much unscathed. So often I have taken many things for granted. An event like this has been a real wake-up call.

Since my soundroom only serves as such and is separate from the house, I only needed to be concerned with the acoustics in its design and set-up. My wife actually likes the decor and feels it suits the nature of that space and its purpose. The house itself is rather small, but cozy. That soundroom being an indulgence of mine I had built about 10 years ago. I guess I should say that the house inside is also a bit unusual. Since I am a scholar swordsman my TV room is decorated with all sorts of Renaissance edged weapons that I use and train with. My wife has been really good about that too :).

The equipment racks are the older CMD stuff, nice oak though. The only component I was concerned about was the Oracle, and the inverted cone feet do the trick there. I have not noticed any differences with the isolation of the other components, although my Jolida does have vibrational damping material inside that I have added.

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