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Jan 9, 2011
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Member Name: Paul Gregory
Location: Montefollonico, Italy

Cinema System:

ML Model(s): 4 x Aeon i + Theater i
Year Purchased: 2007
Powered Sub: M&K MX350
Amplifiers: 3 x BelCanto Ref 1000 monoblocks (L,C,R), 2 x Flying Mole monoblocks (rears)
A/V Processor: Meridain 861 v4 + HD621 HDMI Processor
Satellite Receivers: 2x Humax Foxsat-HDR
Bluray: Pioneer BDP LX71
HD-DVD: Toshiba HD XA2
Projector: JVC HD750 with motorized anamorphic lens for 2.35:1 movies
Screen: Stewart Filmscreen motorized with side blinds for 16:19 or 2.35:1 aspect ratios.
Acoustic Treatments: Custom design by Rives Audio
Control: Tranquil PC running Charmed Quark home automation software with Apple iPad as touch screen remote.
Cabling: Van Den Hul twin balanced in wall.

Lounge System:

ML Model(s): 2 x Ethos
Year Purchased: 2011
Amplifiers: 2x Flying Mole monoblocks
Audio Processor: Logitech Transporter
Music Source: Windows Home Server (10 TByte disk storage) running Logitech Squeezebox server. Mostly 1644 .wav files from my CD collection but with a small, but growing selection of 2496 .flac tracks.
Cabling: Van Den Hul twin balanced in wall.

The first picture shows the cinema set for a CinemaScope film (2001).
The curved wall behind the center speaker is a panel diffuser, while the diagonal walls in the corners are actually tuned base traps. The various acoustical treatments were the most significant factor in achieving the current sound quality.


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Italian Farmhouse 2

All the A/V equipment, apart from the amplifiers, is housed in a pull out rack in the kitchen behind the cinema.


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Italian Farmhouse 3

The new Ethos speakers are mounted 3/4 of the way along the lounge at either side of an archway leading to the entrance hall. Not an ideal location, but the lounge is acoustically a very difficult room. Not only is it long (18m) and narrow (5m) but also very tall (8m) as it extends up to the roof timbers.

Once the speakers have been run in, I will try adjusting their positions and the room treatments to improve the sound stage. Maybe this is a case for a room correction processor?


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Beautifull 'farmhouse'......the cows must produce excellent milk while listening to your great set-up !!