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Dan Osib

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Jan 21, 2005
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Hi my name is Dan Osib and I am based in Cambridgeshire in the UK. I own a pair of Martin Logan CLS IIz in black ash finish. I purchased them in summer 2004. Modifications I have done in my system are:- Removing CLS speaker terminals plus connecting wire, and instead, hardwiring my speaker cable directly to the CLS circuit board. I've also removed all LED's from my preamp and power amps (snipped off at the circuit board). After doing all this I have noticed a significant decrease in distortion as well as massive increased loudness capabilities. Other than the Logans my system presently comprises of Moth 100W Monoblocks, Moth Preamp, Pioneer DV737 DVD Player, Musical Fidelity X24K DAC and Hitachi Nicam VCR. I use a Sony VPL HS50 Projector and my cables are Zero Autoformers (transformer speaker cables), Cable Talk Studio 2 Analogue Interconnects, Supra Trico Digital Coax, Supra Lorad Mains cables and Target Equipment Supports.
If you really take a good look at the photo you will notice my ML's are tilted back slightly by using different sized spikes underneath them, AKA Sounus Faber Stradivari. This increases image focus slightly (check MY TWEAKS for more info). I am convinced that I have found THE speakers and have no intention of changing them for any other in the world. I would never use any other loudspeaker. The sound I get from this system is beautifully neutral, detailed and incredibly clear. I've never heard clearer and I've listened to systems in the region of £100,000.


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Dan... Great system and I like the CLS in black. I recently purchased a pair of original CLS and have been reading your CLS tweaks. Thanks for the tweak stuff. It is much appreciated.
Nice system Dan.

I know those Sony HS-50/51 projectors are sensitive to ambient light but DAMN! That is one washed out picture. Could you post another pic with the lights off? What screen are you using?

Again very nice.
The reason the picture looks washed out is because it's 2PM in the afternoon, sunny outside and the curtains are open. I'm using a Sapphire manual pulldown screen (£105 new inclusive of delivery). However, when the picture is viewed in a dark room it is dazzlingly bright
If only I could have fit CLSIIz's into my basement..... :(

Nice setup Dan.
Are you only using 2 channels for HT?
What about a sub? Although the CLS's sound beautiful by themselves.....!
That's correct, I'm only using 2 channel for home theatre. You see the speakers are so large they fill the whole room with sound so i don't feel the need for extra speakers. I don't use a sub as I find the bass response from the CLS's plenty for me.
I just noticed that you have C3PO up on the screen. 2 more weeks till the official release of Episode III Revenge of the Sith :D