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Jan 2, 2005
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The Land of Enchantment

1. Member Name: Seth Valencia
2. Location: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
3. ML Models: reQuest, Aerius i, Theater i, Descent
4. Year Purchased: 2003
5. Mods/Changes: None
6. Associated electronics:

Pre-Pro: Denon AVP-A1HDCI
5 Channel Amp: Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Series II
5 Channel Amp: Sonance Sonamp 5150


CD Player: Sony CDP-XA20ES
HD DVD player: Toshiba HD-XA2 (2)
Blu-ray Transport: Denon 2500BTCI
Blu-ray Player: Sony BDS300
DVD/DVD-A/SACD Player: Yamaha DVD-S2300
CD Recorder: Denon CDR-W1500
HD DVR/Satellite Receiver: Dish Network VIP622
Laserdisc Player: Pioneer Elite CLD-99
Minidisc Recorder: Sony MDS-JE530
Tape Deck: Sony TC-K707ES



Power Conditioner/Surge Protection

Monster Power HTS 5000
Panamax Max DBS
APC Smart UPS SUA750

Additional electronics

Yamaha APD-1 AC-3 RF Demodulator

Additional Speakers

Subwoofer: ADS MS3 (soon to be replaced with a second ML Descent)
Rear Center Surrounds: Paradigm Mini Monitors
Rear L/R Height Channels: Paradigm Mini Monitors

Interconnects/Speaker Wire

Speaker Cables - Mains: Monster Cable M Series (Bi-Wired Shotgun Configuration)
Speaker Cable - Center: Monter Cable M Series
Speaker Cable - Surrounds: Monster Cable Original 12 gauge
Interconnects: Outlaw Audio PCA with locking barrel ends
Coax Digital: Apature Accusound Digital
Optical: Monster Light Speed 200
XLR Balanced Cables: Cobalt Ultimate Balanced XLR
HDMI Cables: Audioquest Cinemaquest HDMI 3 and HDMI X

7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

Having been a fan of both music and movies for some time, I have always been in the pursuit to achieve the best sound for both. With these Martin Logans I have finally found "that sound" I have been looking for. I have always loved Martin Logans for the High Tech yet Classy look they present. Besides their stunning good looks, Martin Logans offer a sound that is so emotionally involving that the only word I can use to describe it is WOW!! These are speakers that will look as fresh and cutting edge 10 years from now as they do now.

Now I know why ML owners have been raving about them. It has been said before and I totally agree, that the only thing better than a Martin Logan is a bigger Martin Logan.

Here's a link to more photos:

My Martin Logan Theater




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Nice System Seth,
This was one of my favorite systems on the old site, and still is one of my favorites on the new site. Thanks for sharing.
Joe :D
Knowing that my system was (is) one of your favorite systems, is quite a compliment. Thanks Joe! :) I'm really enjoying my system. :D And like you, I also would love to get a front projector (probably either an In Focus or Sim2 DLP). A nice DLP projected on a 110" Stewart screen would be awesome! Someday that dream will become a reality.
I like DLP’s but if I were going to do one, 3 Chip would be the only way to go. I don’t like the rainbow effect common with the color wheel on single chips. I have been holding back waiting for JVC’s DILA, LCOS, and Sony’s SXRD to come down in price. I would love to get a Qualia 004 but there is a $30,000 reason why I can’t have one of those. :(

I am excepting donations for the Qualia 004, Fund. :D He He
Yes, I totally agree with you Joe, a 3 chip DLP is definitely the way to go. But the prices on the one's that I have my eye on are still up in the stratosphere (In Focus Screen Play 777 $34,000 and Sim2 HT 500 $30,000) Ouch! But let's see what goodies are offered a year or so from now (hopefully a lower priced 3 chip DLP for say under $15,000). Dreaming? probobably, but hey you never know. :) And yes, that Sony Qualia 004 is a real beauty also. Drool!

And I'm with you, any donations for a 3 chip DLP or Sony Qualia will not be turned away. :D :D LOL
Seth, I know I've told you before, but that's an awesome setup! By the way, I know I still owe you some CD's, but I've been too busy to think.

I wish I had the space to put a rig like that in my apartment....


Thank you for the very nice compliment on my system. :) Movies and music sound awesome, I'm really enjoying it. BTW it's great to hear from you! I need to e-mail you some time. No problem on the CD's, I know you keep a very busy schedule. How have you enjoyed the CD's I sent? Do you still have the same setup from the last time we spoke?

Later bud,

I've enjoyed the CD's you sent me a lot. In fact I just listened to one of them two days ago.

I don't remember what exactly was in my system last we spoke, but I'm pretty sure I changed a few things. I'm hoping to get a picture or two posted today from work. Speakers are all the same though.

Cool beans, I'm glad that you're enjoying the CD's. BTW I just checked out your system photo, and I really like the new look. Awesome! Nice to have your system here on the club. :)

Slick looking system Seth. Love those equiptment racks. Yes, keep working on that dream of front projection. Used CRT projectors in great condition can be had for a couple thousand and give the expensive digitals a good run for the money. A big advantage, soundwise, with front projection is that, by removing the "box" from between the Quests, your soundstage will really open up.

Thanks Bill! I love my ML's! and the rest of my system as well :D Yes, a nice front projector and large screen would be totally awesome! Soon that dream will become a reality.:) With the popularity of digital projectors, CRT's are starting to come down in price (which is a good thing for us movie fans). And you're right CRT definitely does give digital projectors a run for their money. I really love the stunning picture some of the new digital projectors give, but even so, it's still hard to beat what good ol' CRT can do. And I agree with you, ML's love plenty of space. So when I do upgrade to a front projector someday, there will probably not be any big box residing between the reQuests.


Wow what a great system Im not there yet but keep adding on,
wonder if you could help me set up my Denon CDR-W1500
Im having a hard time with the connections.


First off thanks for the compliment on my system :) I'm very happy with it :D I do have some big upgrades in the works over the next 3 or 4 months though. First will be a new TV (Sony 70 inch SXRD) and then a 2nd generation Toshiba HD-DVD player.

And in regards to connecting the Denon CDR-W1500, well, I don't have mine connected to the main system at all. Since I use my Sony CD player exclusively for listening to CD's, I only use the Denon for internal direct disc to disc burning. So the only thing I have the Denon connected to is the wall outlet. ;)

Connecting your Denon should be pretty straightforward though. Both wells can play CD's independently from one another, but the left side tray was designed as the primary playback for CD's. I did try it out when I first got it just to see what the audio quality was like (it was impressive). I used a coaxial cable from that players coax outs to the pre-amps coax input.

I you are wanting to connect an external source (vinyl, tape, minidisc, DAT, etc.) to the Denon for recording, then you need to use either the analog or digital ins on the Denon (depending on what source you're using). So for example if you want to preserve some favorite vinyl albums onto CD, you would connect the analog out from the turntable to the analog ins (CDR in) on the Denon. And if you're using a digital source like DAT etc. that you want to copy to CD, then just connect the corresponding digital out (coax or toslink) from the source to the digital in on the Denon.

I hope I've helped more than confused :)

Welcome to the club!

Some major upgrades

Well my dreams of getting a 70 inch Sony HDTV and HD DVD player have now become a reality. A couple of weeks ago I received a Sony 70 inch XBR2 SXRD, and on Friday a Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player arrived. Amazing doesn't begin to describe how stunning the PQ is. After watching a couple of movies on HD DVD (Bourne Supremacy and The Thing), it spoiled me so much that now I really want to build up my HD DVD collection. Standard DVD's BTW look excellent using the players up-conversion, giving my standard DVD collection new life.

The big Sony is gorgeous, and offers the deepest blacks I have seen this side of CRT. There is no green blob issue that some of the older SXRD sets suffered from. Just an ultra crisp, bright, and vivid picture with you are there realism. Anyone who's been sitting on the fence wondering if the 70 XBR2 is worth it, rest assured it definitely is :D

I got the matching stand with the Sony and I think it looks great! The stand required no assembly as It's all one solid molded piece, and It's also quite heavy, weighing 150+ lbs.

I plan to post some pix of the new look soon.

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Just an ultra crisp, bright, and vivid picture with you are there realism. Anyone who's been sitting on the fence wondering if the 70 XBR2 is worth it, rest assured it definitely is :D


I'll be right in there with you when tax return time arrives...that is what I will be doing w/ my return. Where did you get it and what did you pay if you don't mind me asking (you can PM that info to me if you prefer)? I keep looking all over and have found some GREAT online deals, but I am leery of having something that big and expensive shipped in.

Did you look at the Salamander quad 20 stand? Expensive, but AWESOME! I have one coming in about 2 weeks in anticipation of the TV itself. I am also building a wooden box as a base to set the TV on that I will be able to mount my ML Theater speaker to. I couldn't mount it on the wall that high up and prefer it low and with a more shallow angle to create a better sound stage anyway. The Salamander is black w/ black Al supports, the ends are perforated for cooling and will be painted gloss black to go w/ the gloss black Prodigy side panels and the TV's bezel. Of course the speakers will be removed from the TV!

I first saw a 70" on a salamander quad 20 on the AVS forum and fell in love with the look. Oh, it will be on casters as well so it will be easy (easier?) to move around if I need to. The quad 20 has PLENTY of room for ALL my gear plus some more. The small size of the base and putting it up on the wooden box will allow me to put a pair of MBL monoblocks on either side of the TV eventually for the Prodigy too! ;) Always thinking ahead! Oh, I wll be covering the box in black alcantera (fake suede) which should help with sound reflections too...though still not optimal placement for the Theater speaker. I will be able to put my RGPC Pole Pig, one of the RGPC 400 power conditioners, and a power source for those times when I am watching and the power goes out...that way I will still be able to cool the bulb down w/ the fan.

Glad you love it! I have been looking at all the 70"+ sets and the PQ on the Sony blows the others away HANDS DOWN!

All the best!

That's cool news that soon you're also going to be a proud owner of a Sony 70XBR2:D The TV as you know is friggin' awesome! You were curious as to where I bought it. I got it from OneCall out of Spokane Washington. When I ordered it (end of December), they were having a mega sale going on. and after all was said and done, ended up getting it for $5,199.

This was the first time I have ordered from OneCall, and I'm happy to say that it won't be the last. Their customer service is first rate, and everything they sell is shipped via FedEx (I personally like them better than UPS). And shipping on this TV was free. When the big Sony arrived, the box was pretty much in pristine condition (a few slight scuffs here and there, but nothing bad). And the TV itself arrived in flawless condition. If you order from them be sure to have some extra muscle around to help get this thing in your house, as OneCall only does curb side delivery.

My experience with OneCall was a very positive one, and I have no problem recommending them to anyone.

As far as stands, I thought about getting a different stand (looked at Bello', BDI, Sanus, etc.). Hadn't ever seen the Salamander Quad 20, I checked it out online and I really like the way it looks. The Quad 20 in black/aluminum is striking. What ultimately made me decide on the one Sony makes for it is how the TV fits right into the top. The stand also has a belt that clicks into the back of the TV to secure it and prevent it from being knocked over. I thought that was pretty cool.

The only thing, and this Isn't really a negative, is that the stand sits a bit lower than most. So really large center channel speakers like the ML Theater i just won't fit in the open area of the stand. At first I was a bit bummed that my Theater i wouldn't fit, but after wall mounting the Theater i, I was very impressed with the sound quality. I was expecting weak sound, as I thought it would sound its best having plenty of breathing room. But now after listening to it for awhile wall mounted, I actually prefer the wall mounted sound over the away from the wall sound. The sound is fuller, bass is tighter and deeper, giving much more authority to dialog in movies. So in a way the stand being a bit lower profile was an unexpected blessing:clap:

I know that you are going to absolutely love the Sony when you get it.:D

Best regards,

My experience with OneCall was a very positive one, and I have no problem recommending them to anyone.

Thanks Seth, I will keep OneCall in mind as I am shopping around then! I am always concerned about bringing something that big in via a carrier. It is a whole lot of TV for them to drop or knock over!

I'll keep you posted!