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Bill Donnell

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Jan 1, 2005
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Eastern Pa
Bill Donnell from Pottstown , Pa.

"Black Hole Cinema"

7.2 Logan system consisting of:

Two Sequell II's purchased used in 1990
Two SL3's purchased used in 2003
Two SL3's purchased used in 2004
Theater center purchased used in 2003
Two homemade subwoofers with NHT 1292 12" drivers

Electronics are:

Denon AVR 3802 receiver
Sherbourn 5 x 200 amp - 5/5210
Monster power conditioner HTPS 7000
Behringer feedback destroyer to equalize the subs
Music Hall MMF-5 turntable
Sony something or other DVD/CD/SACD player.
HTPC with MYHD card for DVD and high definition TV

Projector: Barco 808s on 8 foot wide screen

The room: 13 by 23 Double drywall

Having a dedicated room (and an understanding wife) to develop a no compromise home theater environment is a culmination of many years worth of adding this and adding that. As more Logans entered the system, the smiles became bigger and it became clear that the only thing better than Martin Logan speakers is more Martin Logan speakers. :)


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A Barco 808s projector, that really huge screen, and Martin Logans all around equal one thing, 100% enjoyment. :) Great setup! Enjoy! :D


Very nice system Bill. How do you like the 7.1? I'm wondering if I should expand mine. :confused:
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Thanks guys. Statman, I find the added rear center channel really fills out the soundstage especially for DTS DVDs mixed with a discrete rear center. With HD DVD, who knows how many channels will be involved ... We may need 9 speakers soon :) Now I'm hearing the new Dolby standard for HD has 13 channels - crazy!!!!

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Yes, a 6.1/7.1 setup does sound incredible. And even though I do have a total of 9 speakers in my own setup (5 ML's and 4 Paradigms), I would love for them all to be ML's just like yours are. I'll bet your system sounds amazing!

I can't wait for High Def DVD to arrive. The new formats are not only going to offer a picture that's capable of 1080p but also every HD title will offer DTS and DD, with sound quality that will equal or surpass that of DVD-A/SACD. Very cool stuff!

Well, I've been having more fun with the digital camera...


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Recently added some acoustic foam in the rear corners - tightened up the image. Beneath the foam is one of the two homemade sub dogs - the "cabinet" is inch and a half thick 24" by 24" by 24" terra cotta flue liner. Massive beasts!!
Behind the removable smoked plexiglas panels are the receiver, power conditioner, BFD, antenna rotator, mass of wires, etc.


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Bill Great all around ML setup :eek:

Are your NHT subs in a sealed box enclosure?
What amp do you have running them?
Thanks for the comments guys. I feel honored to have my system here among so many great systems and their passionate owners. Not many people "get" our hobby so its nice to he here with those that do.
Yes Jeff, I'm having fun. If not, why bother? :)
Eric, they are sealed subs powered by two channels from the Sherbourn amp -200/300 watts a channel. The front SL3's and the Theater center are on the other channels. The NHT 1259 driver is a quick and musical driver and blends nicely with the SL3's for stereo listening. Notch em up a couple of clicks and they can really rumble for movies. :)

Bill Donnell said:
Well, I've been having more fun with the digital camera...

nice top hat. by coincedence, i saw Two Weeks Notice on the weekend. harmless fluff except that i'll NEVER look at a black silk top hat in the same way again.

or redheads. ;)
Thanks Keliar and you have a keen eye there Lance. That is my spare work hat.
By night I am enjoying "the Black Hole Cinema" and by day I am The Top Hatter Chimney Sweep...crawling around some more dark holes...hmmmmm...maybe that is the attraction of the tall Logans - with the lights dimmed it looks like the nighttime rooftop scene in Mary Poppins with all the chimneys. :)

I think we all are having way too much fun and will coninue to figure out how do get more fun. Yes, a lot of people do not get "our" hobby and it is their loss and out gain. :D

Again, great system and my problem is that I always seem to run out of money before I can get all the toys,. I guess paitience is something I need to work on. :eek:

Hello all

Just popped in to say "hi" and that my Logans are still going strong. Also, it's a shameless plug for my new web site. It seems that the more sites that show your web address, the better your ranking with Google. So here it is,
It's new and evolving daily.
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Thanks-fixed it, and thanks. Bet the sound of your SVT pushing the limits is as fine a sound as your Logans :)