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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
I thought, I should post my, 'Tweak' regarding suspending my, Script i's from the ceiling in my, "System #57", so here goes... :) :D

For the suspending of the Script i speakers, I had to give alot of thought and concideration... given my small HT. I used four heavy duty wood screw, "Eye Bolts" into ceiling beams (two for each speaker). I wanted to position them, in such a way, as to obtain the maxium sound quality, of the highs and mid range, from the Script i's, electrostatic pannels, as all of the bass sounds go to the, Descent subwoofer, via the A/V receiver / processor. I used, 16 feet of single, 12 gage, cooper wire to carry the weight of each Script i speaker. I strung the wire through, 16 feet of soft plastic, plumbers - clear tubing, which grips, with the weight of the Script i speaker. I fastioned each, 16 foot, closed loop to be threaded through the two "Eye Blots" and placed each end of the speaker in each of the loop ends. Each Script i speaker, simply lays on each end of the looped circle, freely and unattached. This enabled me to, freely move and adjust each speaker to any angle or rotation. My goal was to attain the optimal 7.1 surround positioning, without restriction or constraint.
The difficult part was stringing the, 12 gage, plastic coated, cooper wire through, 16 feet of soft plastic clear plumbers tubing. I had to use spray slicone, to keep the wire from binding. I took a while, but I think, the sound, I achieved through positioning each, Script i, has made it all worth while. Besides, it's like a Martin Logan flying circus, at my house... Killer sound from above.

If you would like to view photo's, of how this was done, with further information and discrptions, see below... ;)


So, I'm the only one crazy enought to hang Script i's...

So, no one else is crazy enought...? :)

The Script i's, really do sound great, IMHO. Plus they are a great conversation starter, besides... I've adjusted them several times, to broden the sweet spot some. I'm thinking about purchasing a air cleaner, to remove dust particulets though... Someone, suggested some time ago, that a good shop vacuum cleaner is a good way to dust ML speakers. Any comments are always welcome. ;)


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