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I'd like some guidance on selecting a set of surrounds for my 5.1 system.
I'm using SL3' for the mains and a Theatre i for the center. I was thinking about a set of Fresco's for surrounds. However, I'm not sure if I will get any benefit form matching the ATF transducers with the other speakers. Any suggestions?
I use Frescos with my Ascent Is. They integrate well with the mains and I sense no problems. (Cinema ctr. and Depth FYI.)
I am using Quest for the Main Left and Right,
Cinema for the Center channel
and Aerius i for the Rear surround channel.

I originally was using my Aerius i's as my Main speakers, until I bought the Quest, once I moved the Aerius i's to the rear replacing 2 sets of TDL Neucleus(1 set per rear surround channel), I found the sound envelope got bigger with the Quest, which I expected as the size and frequency reponse of the speakers is very different.
But the sound just seemed to float all around the room better.
No tonal difference as sound moved around the room.

My Wife even said that it was MUCH better, which is saying something :eek:

Hope this helps