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Aug 17, 2005
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Dallas, TX
Just a quick note before I sleep...

I just wanted to say that the Summits rule. I mean, they really rule. Really!

I will post a more detailed explanation tomorrow but for now, I want to leave you a few anecdotes that I've experienced with the Summits.

I have a friend who has a $1000 system come by, he listened to the Summits and he stopped listening to his speakers completely - cold turkey. He told me that I've ruined him and that he is saving up for Martin Logan Summits.... he won $5,000 on party poker last night and I think it wont be long before we have another Summit owner in a 2 block radius!

I have another friend who has a $3000 system, and he came by yesterday. He was stunned! Midway through a Dave Matthews song, he started laughing! He said this is UNREAL. He had to go somewhere so the audition was only about 10 minutes total, but he told all his friends at the place he went to, that my setup was the epitome of sound that he has ever heard. He stopped me at the library today, where I studied, and he told me that he was contemplating how to afford a pair. He asked me where he could find one for $8000 if possible... I said audiogon, and offered that I'd help him.

I have another friend who asked me to stop playing a song because he was about to cry - apparently the James Blunt song (Goodbye my Lover) reminded him too much of his ex. I called him a sissy-ass.

I have another friend, the one who helped me pick up the Vantage across the Wisconsin border, listen to the Summits and he ended up blabbering for hours about how great they sounded and how they are among the best in the world. He told me not more than a week ago to help him keep an eye out on audiogon for any ML Clarity that go on sale..... he said he's got dibs.

I have another friend who sat down and played his favorite CD and I let him have my room for about 30 minutes where he blasted himself at volumes enough to shake the first floor apartment. I think he soiled himself on my plastic chair.

I have played Eagles' Live Hotel Cali on my Summits for my little brother, another budding audiophile, and the first words out of his mouth were.... the soundstage is DEEP! The bass kicked and he had a smile on his face. Unbelievable.

There are way more stories that I could share with you guys, but the pattern is exactly the same. The Summits are truly stunning.... and I'm running them at what - 60% potential?? The amp will come soon and afterwards, the source.

I find the Summits great, but when your ear is as critical as mine, there are things that can still be improved. I'm looking to improve the vocal focus with a better amp and deepen the stage at the same time. I'm going to work on placement - especially since I'm moving to a new place in a little over a month and see if I can move my PC out of the Summits front stage.
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You got some fine transducers. I'm glad to see that you enjoy them to this extent! So long as you stay away from Apogee full range ribbon towers, you should be happy as a clam!

Meanwhile; Ain't it GREAT converting other folk and watch them develop the same sickness?