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I am a new member here and live in Iceland. I have been following your post for long time and it has been very interesting and helpful. I have been a owner of Martin Logan since the release of Sequel and later Sl.3. I have now sold my Sl.3. and are waiting for my Summit to arrive. Does anybody know when they go on sale. They should be available already but everything is very quiet about them.
I listen to a pair yesterday at my local shop. They were pretty awesome but the design is kind of a letdown. I don't know if any hardcore Prodigy owners will be trading in for the Summits as I still think the Prodigy's are a better looking and sound a little bit better.
Its nice to hear. They are already in the shops, but bit of a letdown if the Prodigy sounds better. Saw also this morning that Martin Logan Homepage has removed the Odissey and the Prodigy from their homepage and replaced with the Summit