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Dec 27, 2004
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Hi all,

Here's the official Summit/Vantage brochure from ML.




  • Summit_Vantage_Brochure_small_letter_size.pdf
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socialxray said:
It looks nice. Hansome proportions. I am surprised at the crossover frequency of 400 Hz though.

Me too Socialxray, I am a little disappointed with the high crossover.
The Vantage looks as nice as I thought it to be. I like the look and the design.. not bulky but simple, minimalistic, yet elegant.

I hope to hear one someday. Not too soon though, as I cant afford one just yet.

I'm sure they sound nice though! :D
If the transition from panel to woofer is good, I don't mind the higher crossover. It means more headroom for the panel! I am also very curious of the selling price...
Just got off of the phone with the dealer I bought my Ascent i's from and he said that the list on the Vantage was going to be exactly half of the Summit price. That puts them at $5,000.00 and he said they will sell more of the Vantage once it comes out then they will the Summits as a result of the price difference.
Well comparing the H,W,D of the Aeon i to the Vantage they are almost identical, give or take a ¼ of inch here and there.

The crossover on the Aeon i was set at 450 and the vantage is 400, so they are using a little more of the panel then they did before.

The Aeon i has a 37” tall panel and the Vantage is 40”, Both panels look to be the same width.

The specs look great compared to the summit, 35-25Kz, 4Ohms 1.0min, Sensitivity 92dB.

It may look like the Aeon but should perform very close to the summit with a soundstage as wide as the Ascent. I think it’s time for an upgrade. :D
I really wish they had put some curves in the woofer compartment. Too utilitarian. It is not as bad as the Summit because of the proportions so I could live with it (well I could actually live with the Summit as well). I know sound is important but I like sexy too.
The design of both are very sexy to me... I dig the utlitarian look!

Cant wait to get my hands on one in a few years!! ;)
Another reason for the (higher) crossover point (look at the picture again) is that the woofer on the Vantage is ported, giving it a bit wider operational range, but of course, not the power and slam of the Summit at really low freq. Also the panel of the Vantage is smaller, meaning it probably doesn't go as low as the Summit panel. I think it's a good compromise though.
I'm ready to replace my Aerius i!!! finally i found a speaker that will work in my small/medium room like the Aerius but that will be an upgrade. and i love the look. awesome... very exciting. i'd tried to find a good box speaker to replace my aerius, and auditioned some excellent speakers like Merlin VSM-MX's and they still didn't give me that open quality that i just have to have... i'm SO PSYCHED and ready to BUY! :)
Since the Vantage has a 92dB sensitivity rating, what amplifier wattage power do you think will work well with it? It theoreticly should allow more tube amp options if it doesn't need as much power. It has to be less than what is needed for an Aeon or Ascent.

Also, I think $5K is a reasonable price. I can't really afford a new pair of Summits right now but I can almost afford a pair of Vantages. If I could somehow take home a pair and audition them and compare them to my Ascents I would expect them be better. If that were the case , I'd find a way to afford them.
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