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Oct 13, 2005
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Hi again,

I'm considerating a subwoofer to go with my Ascent i's. They will only be used for music, no HT. Not wanting to drop a lot of $$$ on something that I'm not sure I need, I'm considering either the ML Grotto or the Carver Sunfire Jr. Anyone care to offer an opinion or additional recommendation? Remember, I want the best bang (or is that boom?) for the buck.

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I have had a sunfire true sub for some time know and have been playing around with it at different areas in the room and finally found the best blend with the Logans , it is very quick and tight , however if you want to push it hard on any hard surface you will need 4 large 2inch simms feet. It blends well because its a sealed sub and is very efficiant , look on e-bay or audiogon for a used one
Can you share your SVS/ML experience with us?

I'm in the same position as output555. I'm in sub research mode and some of the SVS subs are very intriguing from a price standpoint (16-46 PC Plus and PB12-ISD/2). I just can't swing either a Depth or Descent (even used).

I'm looking for something musical that meshes with my SL3's. I'm 80% music 20% ht.

Hi Beanbag,

What is the full brand name of "SVS"? What model?
Meshing between subs and speakers has more to do with crossovers and sub placement than what sub you get. I can't say that much about my sub yet because I don't have the right crossover for it, nor have I worked on measuring it etc. However, one thing I can say is that it plays down to 20Hz. :)
Try some of the REL subs from England if you're mostly into music rather than HT. They have the speed to keep up with the ES Panel. Although I've not heard them as yet, I've also heard good results with the Whise Profounder models from Australia.
Sure you need one? What's the rest of your 2-ch system have? I have found the more I go towards tubes in the preamp and amp, the less I need the sub. Tell you what, I'll trade a pair of Aeons and a ML Depth sub for your Ascent i's. :D
Seriously, there has been lots of discussion in the past along these lines, so try a search of the archives and you'll find lots of opinions.